Frank Sinatra’s Son Keeps Woody Allen Out Of MSNBC Debut


Variety‘s    writes:  Ronan Farrow took to MSNBC Monday to demonstrate his access to big-name guests, his facility with complex topics of global import and, subtly, to toss cold water on the idea that his family affairs might become part of his program’s daily conversation.

woody-allen-peekingAnyone tuning in to “Ronan Farrow Daily” hoping its nicely pedigreed host would address sinatra-verticalhis or his sister Dylan’s relationship with their estranged  father Woody Allen was likely disappointed. But those who expected the network’s usual dose of progressive finger-wagging may have walked away surprised: The host of MSNBC’s new 1 p.m. program steered the show away from anything salacious or argumentative in favor of something more reasoned and intelligent.

Over the course of an hour, Farrow demonstrated a detached, bemused stance toward the stories he presented. He didn’t appear to be a cheerleader for a particular cause …And he tipped his hand several times to social media, asking his viewers to use Twitter to express their opinions about a story on the show or to send a picture describing their problems with college debt….

Ronan Farrow Daily” may not be a make-or-break program for MSNBC – though the network likely hopes the show will fare better than “Andrea Mitchell Reports” in the time slot – but it is snaring attention nonetheless. Its host is a Rhodes Scholar, a one-time Obama foreign policy official and the child of celebrities who has quietly cut a swath in recent months by appearing on NBC’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

In his opening program, Farrow tried to mix topics on serious segments, with small doses of youthful levity, such as his use of “weed” or “pot” to talk about marijuana during a segment about the drug….

…Farrow’s challenge will be to gain momentum during a time slot that is not known for luring the millennials who might form his natural audience. Ads shown during the program – for Alka-Seltzer, Cialis, Bounty, Bank of America and Geico – suggested an older viewer was peering at the host, who was born in 1987…

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