Russia Invades: Gunmen Seize Crimean Airport


MARY CHASTAIN reports:  Gunmen seized the Crimea airport, less than 24 hours after gunmen seized government buildings in Simferopol.

Witnesses told the Interfax news agency that the 50 or so men were wearing the same gear as the ones who seized government buildings in the city, Simferopol, on Thursday and raised the Russian flag. 

The report said the men with “Russian Navy ensigns” first surrounded the Simferopol Airport’s domestic flights terminal.


Crimea retaliated after Ukraine ousted former president Viktor Yanukovich on February 22. The majority of residents are ethnic Russians and they made it known their loyalties lie with Russia. After Yanukovich left, Crimea kicked out their Kiev-appointed mayor and elected a Russian mayor.

Early Thursday morning, 150 gunmen stormed government buildings and raised the Russian flag. Then, Crimea’s parliament dissolved their government and elected a Russian speaker. They chose to vote on their autonomous standing with Ukraine on May 25, which is the same day Ukraine will hold their presidential elections….Read more>>> — Gunmen Seize Crimean Airport

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