Democratic Congressman: My Wife Beat Me Up


It could be true, as much as I hate to give any credit to Alan Grayson. If you were his wife, Lolita Grayson (great name, isn’t it?) and had to live with this guy, wouldn’t you want to slap him upside the head?

The Daily Caller‘s Patrick Howley writes:  

Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson’s lawyers claimed that Grayson was the victim of domestic violence and not the perpetrator.

Grayson’s wife Lolita accused Grayson of pushing her against a door and injuring her during a confrontation that occurred at the Graysons’ home near Windermere, Fla., Saturday.

Grayson called the allegation “an outright lie.” An Orange County Sheriff’s Office investigation is underway.

Here’s a local news report that includes some of the cell phone video footage:

…Grayson’s attorney Mark NeJame said at a press conference Wednesday that Lolita assaulted the congressman and not the other way around…

NeJame also released cell phone video footage purporting to show Lolita Grayson attacking the congressman with what NeJame called an “uppercut.”

The video was edited and the sound was muted in the version of the video released by NeJame, who said that the footage was edited to remove appearances by the couple’s children….Read the rest >>>

The YouTube page also has this, from Mediate:

Alan Grayson Releases Video of Alleged Domestic Dispute with Wife: ‘She Hit Me’
by Matt Wilstein | 5:49 pm, March 5th, 2014

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) is fighting back against accusations that he physically injured his wife, Lolita Grayson, during an altercation this past Saturday. A Florida judge granted her a temporary protective injunction against her husband, but now attorneys for the congressman has released a video that they say shows he was the victim.

While Lolita Grayson’s injunction claims that her children have been “battered or threatened” by Rep. Grayson and that her husband has prevented her from leaving their house before, the congressman’s lawyers are denying those accusations. Juan Lopez, who works as Grayson’s director of constituent services, shot cell phone video of the couple’s altercation Saturday.

In the video, which is included in the local news report below, you can see Lolita Grayson preventing her husband from going inside and at one point shoving him back away from the door. The congressman apparently asked his aide to accompany him to his home and film the interaction because his wife has been “acting erratically” since they began divorce proceedings…Read the rest >>>

The Daily Caller and Mediate

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