[VIDEO] Obamacare’s Trio of Doom

Guy Benson has the video. Edited by Guy Benson and his associate Sarah Jean Seman, it captures the essence of the the president’s trilogy of rotting, stinking, dead promises.

From TownHall:  In light of President Obama’s dramatic goalpost shifting on his ironclad “keep your doctor” pledge, we decided to highlight what’s become of three core promises made by Democrats during their frenetic Obamacare sales pitch:

(1) If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.

(2) If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.

(3) Everyone’s premiums will go down, with the average family saving $2,500. Americans were also assured that the law wouldn’t add to deficits, would bend the government’s healthcare spending “cost curve” down, and wouldn’t negatively impact Medicare — none of which have been borne out by reality…


The new paradigm

(1) You might be able to keep your doctor, but you might not. Although you may be able to maintain your preferred providers if you’re willing to pay more.

(2) Millions of your plans have been and will continue to be cancelled — but we’re not at fault because of the fine print that we didn’t mention in public appeals.

(3)Your premiums won’t go down after all — let alone by $2,500 — but they might go up less than they hypothetically would have.

This law is an empirical failure by any reasonable standard, and one political party is exclusively responsible for it.

…

 The Greenroom – – Guy Benson


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