Christian Toto Reviews Gutfeld’s New Book ‘Not Cool’‘s Christian Toto writes: Greg Gutfeld can see through the oh, so cool veneer of today’s celebrities, progressives and statists. And he’s had more than enough.

Not Cool, the New York Times Bestselling writer’s latest tome, calls out the merchants of cool for being anything but hip. not-cool-coverIt’s alternately blistering and riotous, a full-on assault against those who embrace values that are the antithesis of cool.

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Gutfeld slashes moral relativism writ large and stands tall for virtues which should be considered Fonzie-level cool but sadly aren’t. Every page has at least one gut buster, lines so ripe you’ll want to recycle them at the next cocktail party. Just be wary who you tell. The recipient might be the sort of faux cool merchant Gutfeld has in his sights.

The Red Eye standout begins his journey, where else, in the fifth grade. It was there he got his first lesson about both cool and the purposes of summoning it in public.

“Fifth grade had just discovered the velvet rope. And it was held by lowbrow illiterates with snot on their sleeves,” he writes. The stakes were low then. Not any more.

The proudly middle-aged author says cool now comes with a cost. Dependency is cool. So is avoiding actual work. Anti-Americanism scores you major cool points. So is victimhood and being “socially conscience,” mere buzz words for progressive thought.

Not Cool savages the notion of making the mentally ill cute and cool, thereby hurting them as well as the loved ones forced to care for them. He saves some of his most strident prose for the awards show circuit, a loop in which celebrities pad each other on the back while the truly cool (scientists, soldiers, stay-at-home moms) are virtually ignored.

What’s cool on the celeb circuit?

“A mediocre artist who spouts political beliefs that most freshmen in high school could have come up with after huffing Glade,” he writes…. Read the rest….

Not Cool Review:

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