Shocker: MSNBC’s Chris Matthews the Least Likable News Anchor

Chris-Matthewsjpg’s John Sexton reports: A ranking of 24 news personalities found CBS’ Scott Pelley the most likable anchor while MSNBC‘s Chris Matthews ran dead last just behind fellow MSNBC host Alex Wagner.

The ranking is based on Q scores, a numerical value based on the familiarity and appeal of brands or, in this case, news personalities. The Wrap, which published the ranking Friday, writes “executive vice president Henry Schafer and his team provides a personality’s name and a brief description to more than 1,800 viewers. The viewers are asked if they recognize the person, and how they feel about him or her.”

Of those included on the list, Chris Matthews came in last with a Q score of 6. Alex Wagner did slightly better with a score of 8. At the other end of the scale, CBS’ Scott Pelley scored a 19. CNN’s Anderson Cooper came in just behind him with a score of 18…read more….

3 Comments on “Shocker: MSNBC’s Chris Matthews the Least Likable News Anchor”

  1. labman57 says:

    I always wear a raincoat whenever his show comes on, just in case of a spittle storm.

    Of course, conservatives who tout this survey conveniently ignore the fact that Rachel Maddow scored higher than everyone on FOX News!

    • The Butcher says:

      Kudos to Rachel Maddow. I can see how she’d emerge as a well-liked TV personality, and can see how her show is admired more than other shows, and other hosts, on MSNBC.

      I suppose it is easy to forget — not out of ‘convenience’, just out of sheer lack of relevance — a network that’s already ignored by all but a few hundred thousand viewers, a humiliating, embarrassing, tiny fraction of the viewers enjoyed by its competitors.

      When MSNBC’s shows often can’t break out of more than only 350,000, to 450,000 viewers, that’s not a good sign. Especially when competitors are reaching two or three million.

      I was disappointed to learn of the MSNBC’s recent decision to abandon news altogether, in an effort to rely on non-news features and opinion-only programming.

      Even for someone who dislikes MSNBC’s programming, I’d prefer to see MSNBC as healthy competition, doing credible news programming, along with opinion. More diverse content in news is always better. Fox (currently succeeding) and CNN (struggling, but holding on) should have more serious competition from MSNBC, unfortunately, at least currently, they don’t.

      An unwillingness to set aside ideology and radical left-wing opinion programming to deliver real-time news, at least part of the time, in at least some of their shows, might be one source of MSNBC’s ratings problems. It makes the network less relevant when news is breaking.

      As disliked as Fox news it by its critics, it devotes a certain amount of time and resources to hard news, and breaking news, as well as the abundance (or overabundance) of the ideologically-loaded opinion programming and right-wing boosterism its critics find to distasteful, but apparently can’t resist watching regularly.

      I wonder how Chris Matthews got to be so disliked? I remember 5-10 years ago, he wasn’t so bad. Did he do something specific in recent years that alienated viewers?

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