April Fools Day Facts: How Pranks Are Going Viral


A classic April Fools’ Day prank in France is to stick a paper fish onto an unsuspecting passerby. PHOTO BY JACK GAROFALO, PARIS MATCH VIA GETTY

 Today is April Fools’ Day—the prankster’s favorite day of the year.

Taryn Salinas writes:  We talked to Alex Boese, curator of the online Museum of Hoaxes in San Diego, California, to get the lowdown on this quirky holiday and how it has changed over time.

Boese said he has never been much of a prankster; his family didn’t participate in April Fools’ Day pranks at all. But as a science historian and recognized “hoaxpert” (hoax expert), the more he’s studied humorous pranks and hoaxes, the more he enjoys it. (See “April Fools’ Day: Nature’s Wildest Masters of Deception.”)

In recent years, Boese has noticed that the number of pranks done in the home and at the office seems to have decreased in the United States.

“A hundred years ago, most people played pranks at home, on the street, or in the office. It was considered a nuisance holiday. Today we lack the street culture to encourage [and get away with] pranks on strangers in public.”

Pranks of a personal nature have been replaced by large institutionalized media hoaxes. Viral marketing has caused a sea change in how advertising is approached, and Boese says April Fools’ Day has been a huge driver of it. (Related: “April Fools’ Day Special: History’s Hoaxes.”)

“In the last five to seven years we’ve seen an explosion of spoof ads by mainstream companies and organizations like the U.S. Army.”

Because of sites like YouTube and Twitter, content can go viral instantly, and April Fools’ Day provides a legitimate excuse to produce a fresh and funny video, in the hopes of earning widespread exposure.

“Companies feel enormous pressure to create these humorous videos, fearing that if they don’t come out with one, they’ll be considered unfunny or irrelevant,” said Boese.

“I don’t get sick of it at all,” he said. “People love consuming humorous content, and April Fools’ Day is a holiday specifically about this.”

Boese is a little sad about the loss of personal participation, but he’s delighted that the Internet has become such a great resource for humor. Read the rest of this entry »


The Largest Submarine in The U.S. Navy

USS Pennsylvania is a United States Navy Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine which has been in commission since 1989. The Ohio class is a class of nuclear powered submarines used by the United States Navy. 


The Hammer: 7.1 Million Enrollees a ‘Phony Number’

“These guys go six months without any idea what the numbers are, and all of a sudden it’s to a decimal point.”


Every Day is April Fools’ Day at punditfromanotherplanet


Some highlights from today’s prank stories..

Exclusive: Controversial Female Teachers’ Group Dedicated to “Woman-Boy Love” Pledges Legal Support to Meredith Powell

‘Woody Whistle’ Given to Girl Scouts of America members in Manhattan to Help Protect Girls From Woody Allen

Charles Krauthammer Shows Up Drunk on Megyn Kelly’s Set, Unannounced

And here’s a golden oldie, based on a real photo, from late 2013…

Russian President Vladimir Putin demonstrates to reporters how he grabbed Obama’s balls and extracted unprecedented foreign policy concessions

You can usually find the malarky in The Butcher’s Notebook. Find any good April Fools stories today? Send them in, we’ll add them to the collection.



California’s Brown’s Bill Clears Path for Illegal Aliens to Serve as State Supreme Court Justices

I was stunned that this news item — complete baloney — barely registered a notice at all. Too subtle, maybe, or just not that funny, not sure. But the idea that an illegal alien could be a State Supreme Court Justice? Really? Well, I thought it was funny!

pundit from another planet


The controversial legislation, which had been pushed vigorously by the California Undocumented Legal Worker Association (CULWA) and immigration advocacy groups, had been strongly opposed by Judicial Watch groups, Constitutional history scholars, and some California lawmakers, arguing that it violated the rights of citizens, and amounted to a shocking corruption of due process in the California Justice system.

Supporters of the legislation disagreed. Attorney General Eric Holder called it “an important step” and a “long overdue victory”, adding “If we can do this at the state level, we should be able to do it at the national level as well”, pledging his support for legislation to allow non-citizens to qualify for appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“Passing laws allowing non-citizens to qualify for drivers’ licenses was but one step. Allowing illegal residents to obtain law degrees and practice law in California was another important step toward achieving our social justice ideals…

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BREAKING: Al Shabab Lawyers File Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Against California Dem Rep George Miller

I was proud of this one. I’m not sure my readers liked it as much as I did. Al Shabab also sounds like a great name for a 1950s Doo-Wop group.

pundit from another planet

members of Somalia's al-Shabab jihadist movement seen during exercises at their military training camp outside Mogadishu. Plaintiffs: Public Relations Operatives of Somalia’s al-Shabab jihadist movement seen taking break during exercises at their military training camp outside Mogadishu to discuss their lawsuit against George Miller (D) 

MOGADISHU – file – Public relations representatives of Somali’s al-Shabab jihadist movement announced today that George Miller (D) violated their trademark and used their image improperly by accusing Congressional Republicans of “waging Jihad” against the American People.

“He said it on the floor of Congress.” said one operative, “He used the term jihad, which we registered for the exclusive use of authentic, legitimate jihadist terror campaign operatives, and the various partnerships that share licensing fees. Miller is not among them.”

“We saw it on YouTube. I contacted our attorney immediately.” said one of the group “I sent emails to other jihadist groups, too”.

A senior member of al-Shabab’s legal advisory group arrived in Washington D.C. this morning. Speaking through an interpreter…

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BREAKING: Barbie Charged with First-Degree Murder in Brutal Slaying of Ken

This was a gruesome news story. The doll community hasn’t been the same since seeing this shocking photo.

pundit from another planet

Barbie Charged with First-Degree Murder in Brutal Slaying of Ken (AP) America was shocked when news accounts first emerged outlining gruesome details of an unimaginable crime involving two iconic celebrity sweethearts, Barbie and Ken. When Ken’s headless body was discovered by Los Angeles Police , in Barbie’s Malibu apartment, a homicide investigation was launched, and only one suspect emerged.

Photographic evidence collected during the investigation, implicating Barbie in the crime, appeared on the internet, allegedly leaked by the District Attorney‘s office. In a shocking display of macabre cheerfulness, Barbie is depicted cleaning up after the murder, attempting to destroy DNA evidence. Barbie, America’s beloved icon, was arrested, and held without bail.

Grand Jury testimony revealed enough evidence to charge Barbie on four counts, aggravated assault, conspiracy, first degree murder, and obstruction of justice.

Los Angeles Law Enforcement Officials described the crime as “heinous”, and urged parents not to discuss the crime with children, at least until after the…

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Alec Baldwin Forced to Live with Elderly White Christian Idaho Couple During Suspension

I liked this one. It would have been a good reality show.

pundit from another planet

Idaho couple Abbie and Walter Johnson host actor Alec Baldwin, at their farm in Idaho, under terms of dealIdaho couple Abbie and Walter Johnson host actor Alec Baldwin, at their farm in Idaho, under terms of deal

Baldwin Gay Slur Controversy Leads to Unique Punishment During Two-Week MSNBC Suspension



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Exclusive: Melissa Harris-Perry Admits to Using Racial-Detection Hardware Assistance Devices, For Knowing When Stuff is Racist

Another popular one. This could almost be true, no?

pundit from another planet

perry-tampon-ears-radar Robby Soave reports:

At a recent forum at the University of Michigan, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry explained to her audience that white people will never understand why things are racist, because they lack an innate “racial trigger,” that instantly tells them when to be outraged.

Harris-Perry, on the other hand, has a very finely-tuned racial trigger.

Sometimes Harris-Perry’s innate racial trigger doesn’t work at all, she conceded, privately, to an undercover reporter allied with Punditfromanotherplanet’s media bureau. Other times, Harris-Perry said, her sixth sense isn’t sensitive enough to detect racism at levels below .04%,  (MSNBC policy requires detection at microscopic .0002 % levels) so enhancements are required, to boost otherwise invisible signals.

Punditfromanotherplanet has learned that Ms. Harris-Perry employs additional detection assistance, from miniature electronics, with on-board hardware and software analysis systems, discreetly embedded in her jewelry, clothing, or hair.

For our exclusive report, an inside source…

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White House Announces Contest: Memorize all 11,588,500 Pages of Obamacare’s Rules and Regulations and Win Your Freedom

Some April Fools’ Day highlights, baloney news articles from earlier this year. Enjoy!

pundit from another planet

Democrats are trying to distance themselves from the health care law's problems. | AP Photo Democrats are trying to distance themselves from the health care law’s problems. | AP Photo

Democrats know their biggest problem in this year’s midterm election is Obamacare. So top party operatives have settled on a strategy to try blunting the GOP’s advantage:  A contest.

At a press conference scheduled for next week, President Obama will announce that the White House is offering a prize to any American who can memorize all of the Affordable Care Act’s rules and regulations. The final rounds will be judged, the top 50 contestants selected, one from each state. Those contestants will be brought to Washington D.C. to compete in a televised game show.

“The best way to push back on the attacks we know Republicans will launch over health care is to develop a contest, generate excitement, offer prizes, and announce winners.”

Any contestant who can successfully recite all 11,588,500 pages without making any…

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‘Woody Whistle’ Given to Girl Scouts of America members in Manhattan to Help Protect Girls From Woody Allen


The Girl Scouts of America announced today the introduction of a new warning system for girls and parents concerned about safety, called the “Woody Whistle“. Also called the “Woody Warning System“, it helps alert an adult guardian in case of predatory behavior by the director. Due to an increase in girl-stalking by film director Woody Allen, in parks all over Manhattan, an emergency procedure was devised. In the event of a Woody sighting, girls are instructed to blow the whistle, then wait for a guardian to intervene.

girl-blowing-whistle1“Woody spottings have increased, now that the spring weather is here, and we’re doing more outdoor activities, in public parks. Mr. Allen’s moods have become unpredictable again”, said Nancy Williams, safety advisor to the New York chapter of the Girl Scouts of America.

Parents have expressed gratitude to Scout officials, and have volunteered to step up their efforts to track the movements of Mr. Allen.

“I have a pair of binoculars, and the mobile phone numbers of all other parents, who are on the lookout, too. We’ve developed an informal intelligence network”, said one parent. “Last month we had a total of seven Woody sightings”, she said proudly. “And we were able to re-route our girls, to keep them out of view.”Girl Blowing Whistle

“That doesn’t always work, sometimes Woody sneaks around in disguise, so we can’t always spot him until it’s too late. That’s why we started giving the girls whistles”, said Tina Brower, a concerned parent and child-saftey activist.

“My daughter came home crying last year, because Woody Allen approached her, and asked her if she wanted to be ‘in the movies’, and though he didn’t physically touch her or anything, he said really creepy things about how pretty her hair is”, said Barbara Needleman. “That was the last straw”.

Other parents fear that Mr. Allen fetishizes the Girl Scout uniform, and have considered sending the girls to events in normal street clothes. The iconic uniform is said to be a favorite of male predators with unsavory fantasies, along with Catholic school girl uniforms.


(image credit: The New Yorker)

“We’ve offered to share our campaign with some of the Catholic girl’s schools in Manhattan. They’ve showed interest. Apparently, some of their parents have had Woody sightings, too”, said Barbara.

Not all parents agree, however, and wonder if their safety campaign is going too far. “I like Woody Allen movies, especially the early, funny ones. I know he had problems with Mia Farrow, and all that. But he’s not the monster people make him out to be”, said one parent who declined to be identified. “I know it’s important to be safe, and I respect the concerns of fellow members, and parents, but I fear this campaign might have unintended consequences, making the girls think they’re in more danger than they really are.”

Most parents of the Manhattan Girl Scouts are eagerly distributing the Woody Whistle to fellow members, and to their daughters. And more importantly, teaching them how to use it. “If you hear a whistle, look up. It might be the most important thing you do. Alert a Scoutmaster. Alert a guardian.” But then added, “We’re also teaching them when not to use it. It’s not a toy. It’s not to be used just because they like making noise with it. It’s only to be used in an emergency, if Woody Allen is nearby, and they need to let a guardian know.”

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‘Shrimp Boy’ Tactical 9mm Ammo


I can’t tell if this is an April Fool’s announcement, or real, but I got this in the mail this morning, and had to share it:

Lucky Gunner is proud to announce that we now have in stock a special batch of 9mm Statesman Ammunition™. Originally made as a special production run for a California state official, the ammo will not reach its intended customer due to pending legal proceedings and is now being offered for sale to the public at a deep discount!

Featuring the Triad-Tech™ bullet from Shrimp Boy Tactical for enhanced accuracy, each round is meticulously made to ensure reliable ignition and all rounds are incredibly corrosive. Don’t get caught feeling stung, elect to buy some Statesman 9mm ammo today!

Shrimp Boy Tactical Statesman 9mm Ammo

Ted Cruz Reveals New Churchill Tattoo

The Texas senator surprised Fox & Friends hosts when he rolled up his sleeve and showed off his supposed tattoo of the British Bulldog.

“I will note if you look at the calendar it might suggest something about what you’re seeing…”

Vintage Space Photo: 1966 Apollo Command Module 007


1966 Apollo Command Module 007

Source: Laurentiu Cristofor


BREAKING: MSNBC Purchases Morning Jolt Newsletter From National Review in Six-Figure Deal

From my inbox, NRO‘s Jim Geraghty writes: Readers, you may have noticed commercials for MSNBC‘s Morning Joe program, hosted by Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinskitouting the program as a Morning Jolt.™ That branding effort was, in fact, an early promotion for MSNBC and NBCUniversal‘s effort to diversify its morning news assets. Last night that effort took a dramatic step forward — with an additional bit of leaning forward — as NBCUniversal finalized its purchase of the Morning Jolt™ newsletter from National Review, Inc.

In exchange, National Review, Inc. received an undisclosed sum, as well as a second round draft pick in this year’s National Media Pundit Draft, held May 8-10 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City….

National Review Online

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China Opens 2014 Campaign with Secretive Satellite Launch

no alt

Rui C. Barbosa reports:  The Chinese finally opened their 2014 campaign with the launch of a Shijian-11 class satellite. A Chang Zheng 2C (Long March 2C) rocket lofted a mysterious satellite – understood to be part of the Shijian-11 series of early warning satellites – from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center’s 603 launch pad at the LC43 launch complex at 02:46 UTC.
Chinese Launch:

This is the sixth in a series of satellites that – according to the Chinese media – are only known to be “experimental satellites” developed by the DongFangHong Satellite Company of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp.

As with the previous Shijian-11 satellites, the true mission of Shijian 11-06 was not revealed by the Chinese authorities. However, some observers noted that the Shijian-11 series could be related to a constellation of operational early warning satellites.

‘Shijian’ means ‘Practice’ and this series of satellites have been used in a variety of configurations and missions for scientific research and technological experiments. Read the rest of this entry »

Exclusive: Controversial Female Teachers’ Group Dedicated to “Woman-Boy Love” Pledges Legal Support to Meredith Powell

Out of the Shadows: NAWBA Members Defend Their Affairs With Young Male Students, Promote Social Acceptance

meredith-power-perpNABWA, the North American Boy-Woman Association, a controversial organization of female school teachers, is a support group, a social club, and a legal defense organization. It was founded in 1995 by Margaret McGuff, a retired teacher with a PHD in psychology and human sexuality. Margaret began the club in her apartment in Phoenix, Arizona, when she was a high school administrator, to support women teachers who were struggling with society’s disapproval of their love of boy students. The group has never revealed the identity of its members, has never advocated any criminal activity, and has carefully guarded its activities. NABWA has remained in the shadows. Until now. Speaking out for the first time, Part-time teacher and full-time legal advocate Mercy McPhearson reached out to accused teacher Meredith Powell, in March of 2014, not long after her arrest.

“We feel that Meredith shouldn’t have waived her Miranda rights without first having an opportunity to consider her legal options, and benefit from our support. Meredith needs to know that she is not alone.”

— Mercy McPhearson, volunteer legal advisor for NABWA members

nabwa-blonde2Mercy has been observing other cases like Powell’s, and has contacted parents, teachers, school officials, and law enforcement officials, confidentially, and has sometimes been successful in quietly brokering deals that keep the women she represents out of the newspapers, and eliminate prison time. “Because our members are women, I can usually negotiate settlements, or informal agreements, that involve zero time in prison. As women, we’re simply not perceived as predators. It’s a natural benefit of being female”, said McPhearson. “We’re seen as nurturing, helpful, and kind, not immoral, or sexually deviant. We cultivate this image. We know how to use our strengths. Do we exploit this advantage? Absolutely.” In our phone interview, Mercy explained the asymmetrical presumption of guilt or innocence, based on the gender of the teacher, and student.

“I’ve known female teachers who are carrying on long-term affairs with young male students, or happily servicing the whole football team. Even when the evidence is abundantly clear, school officials look the other way. “

— Brenda, Iowa high school teacher, NABWA member

“Though we have many men friends, we discourage adult males from associating with our organization”, Mercy explained.  “Men don’t have anywhere near the latitude we do. Male teachers are almost always judged guilty before any facts or evidence emerge, and the slightest accusation against them is believed to be true. For women, not so much. In fact, it’s usually the opposite. School officials generally believe anything we say.” Though she added, “That doesn’t mean we not cautious. Or that we’re not sympathetic. We understand what they’re going through”.

Other members agree. “I’ve seen men lose their jobs over nothing. A rumor. Whispers in the hallway. Lies told by students, to avoid explaining absences, or unusual behavior”, said Brenda, a high school history teacher in Iowa. “At the same time, I’ve known female teachers who are carrying on long-term affairs with young male students, or happily servicing the whole football team. Even when the evidence is abundantly clear, school officials look the other way. ” This isn’t always true. The Meredith Powell scandal, for example. “The climate has changed, we have to be less careless, more vigilant. A few high profile cases have raised the visibility of our special hobby. The increased public awareness isn’t good for our members. It used to be such a delicious secret. In the old days, hardly anyone ever suspected anything. Now we all have to be more careful”, said a member who asked not to be identified.


“It’s more than a hobby. It’s a way of life. We realize that many consider the love between female teacher and young male student to be wrong, and think of us as criminals, or mentally unstable. But it’s not true. Some of us are very healthy, and have a lot to offer. We’re very respectful of boundaries.”

— Julie, guidance counselor, soccer coach, NABWA member

How do women find NABWA, and what makes them decide to become members? Many women teachers felt isolated, confused, or ashamed. They felt they had no one to talk to. Others needed legal support, because they’d run afoul of the laws of their local communities. Read the rest of this entry »

Ad Wars: Koch Network Fires Back at Liberal Billionaires

For National Review OnlineEliana Johnson writes: The 2014 ad war is on, with billionaires in both parties taking aim at each other in competing advertisements up in swing states.

In a new ad released Monday, the Koch network is pushing back against its Democratic critics, chief among them Harry Reid, and one of his billionaire backers.

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Charles Krauthammer Shows Up Drunk on Megyn Kelly’s Set, Unannounced

John Shinkle/POLITICO

“I apologize for my lack of discretion, I don’t usually allow my comments to get personal. I deeply regret the condition I was in during my appearance. I am in discussions with Fox senior executives, and I believe we’ll come to an  understanding. Though I have no plans to discontinue my commentary, I will take a few weeks to reflect.”

said Dr. Charles Krauthammer, hours after his disruptive appearance on Megyn Kelly‘s The Kelly File, where he was not scheduled to appear.

“Charles just showed up on Kelly’s show, in the middle of a live broadcast. He’d been drinking. We didn’t see him enter. A staff member here said he’d just been reading the Washington Post, and talking to Neil Cavuto on the phone about something, then started throwing books, framed pictures, and coffee cups, saying he was late for his appearance, grumbling about his schedule. But then he went to the wrong studio, at the wrong time. It looks like he just snapped,” said an associate producer. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“A box of cereal could do a better job of running the White House than that jackass.”

“The funny thing was, I’ve never seen him so honest, so unguarded. Before we cut his microphone, he was really on a roll.”

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