[PHOTOS] Going in Heavy: The Leland Yee Scandal Weapons Cache You Want To See


The wide-ranging criminal complaint against California State Sen. Leland Yee and many others describes a dark world of deceit and intrigue with high-powered weapons at its core.

Sure, CNN is fraudulently insisting the reason they’re ignoring the scandal is because Yee is not a national figure, even taking to Twitter to mock those who suggests otherwise, while declining to cover the story, dismissing it as not newsworthy. Really? A Democrat who’s a gun-control advocate getting caught in a sting, exposed running guns to Muslim militants is terribly inconvenient, isn’t it?

One would think that any story with the words “Shrimp Boy” in the headline would automatically be impossible to resist. It certainly works for us, here at punditfromanotherplanet, hell, just typing Shrimp Boy  is hard to resist.

It’s the guns and ammo we want to see, right? You know you want to see the hardware. Well, today’s your lucky day. Leave it to Popular Mechanics to show us who’s packing what, in the scandal of Leland Yee. A few samples for your viewing. Check out Popular Mechanics to see the rest of their photo series.


Dragonmaster Chow’s Choice

The FBI accuses 54-year-old Kwok Sheung Chow of leading the Chee Kung Tong (CKT) criminal group. (The bureau tapped the ceremony swearing him in as the Dragonhead of the group.) The criminal complaint paints him as a leader who wants his organization to be seen as legit, but who keeps a direct hand in some of the felonious operations that ensnared other CKT-affiliated players, including State Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco), a gun control advocate caught on FBI recordings brokering arms deals and accepting money to pass legislation. Chow is the person who introduced Keith Jackson, the senator’s political operative, to the undercover FBI agents. (read more)


Tavor Assault Rifle

On March 11, 2014, Yee met with political consultant Keith Jackson (more on him soon) and Wilson Lim, who claimed to have a relative in the Philippines military who could steal weapons and was supposedly selling the military gear to Islamic rebels in Mindanao. An FBI undercover employee (UCE 4599) also in attendance asked Lim what kinds of weapons he could get. “Lim told UCE 4599 the Israeli-made Tavor assault rifle was very common in the Philippines,” the affidavit says. “Lim described the Tavor as being the equivalent of the M16 assault rifle.” 

That’s a bit of an understatement. The weapon is a vast improvement over the M16, and many gun enthusiasts argue it’s a better weapon than the U.S. standard issue M4. The Tavor is made mostly of advanced polymer and has an ergonomic design that has been improved over more than a decade of use. (read more)


Cobray Machine Pistol

Of all the strange people in the FBI document, the Jackson family may be the strangest. Keith Jackson operates a political consultancy that raised campaign funds for Yee. He also is implicated in scores of money laundering deals, high-volume drug transactions, bribes, cigarette and booze smuggling, international arms deals, and local weapons sales. Plus, he has been linked to murder-for-hire schemes; he told undercover agents that he and his son, accused drug smuggler Brandon, could hire thugs to kill people.

These are political consultants with access to a slew of firearms. In one transaction alone, on June 24, 2013, the father-and-son team sold UCE 4599 five weapons for $5300. One of them was a Cobray Machine Pistol, a compact fully automatic 9mm weapon with a 50-round clip. (read more)

See the rest…

[And while its available you can actually order a special batch of 9mm Statesman Ammunition™ — ‘Shrimp Boy’ Tactical 9 mm Ammo — originally made as a special production run for Leland Yee, the ammo will not reach its intended customer due to pending legal proceedings, now offered for sale. But if you want to order any of these guns, you’re on your own…]

Popular Mechanics

Note: Shrimp Boy’ Tactical 9 mm Ammo is an April Fool’s joke. I hope you looked!

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  2. […] [PHOTOS] Going in Heavy: The Leland Yee Scandal Weapons Cache You Want To See […]

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