Michael McCaul: ‘Time for a Discussion About Firearms on Military Bases’

Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Representative Michael McCaul

“I think a lot of people don’t realize that our military that defends our freedoms abroad . . . when they come home to the military base, they are not allowed to carry weapons,” McCaul pointed out. “We need to talk to the commanders about whether it would make sense for some . . . of our senior leadership officers and enlisted men on the base [to] carry weapons for protection.”

“It only takes a few minutes to wound and kill a large number of soldiers,” McCaul added. “If we had senior leadership armed, just maybe they could have stopped it before it got worse.”

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National Review Online

2 Comments on “Michael McCaul: ‘Time for a Discussion About Firearms on Military Bases’”

  1. Sukhotai says:

    Uh, Mr McCaul… and how many of those proposed “Senior Leadership Officers and NonComs” were hanging around at the time ?? Why not ever person with the rank of Sgt. and above since they assume leadership roles in combat… and most officers are hanging in the rear…

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