House Lights the Torch, Turns Up the Heat: Criminal Charges for Lois Lerner?

Too late now to plead the Fifth?

The Oversight Committee will vote on Thursday on whether to issue her a contempt citation for obstructing its investigation

Eliana Johnson reports:  The House Ways and Means Committee, led by outgoing chairman Dave Camp, will vote this week to ask the Department of Justice to pursue criminal charges against former Internal Revenue Service employee Lois Lerner.

“The Congress will take up that contempt resolution. If she’s not going to tell us the truth, the House will hold her in contempt.”

— House Speaker John Boehner

In an executive session on Wednesday, Camp’s panel will mark up a letter to attorney general Eric Holder that outlines “one or more crimes” it claims Lerner committed, based on evidence the committee uncovered in its investigation, while the agency was inappropriately targeting tea-party groups.

The meeting will take place behind closed doors because the letter contains confidential taxpayer information: It details particular groups and individuals that were victimized by the IRS, which is protected under Section 6103 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Boehner on Monday told Fox NewsMegyn Kelly that Lerner committed a crime by “misleading the conference” and that from the time the scandal broke, he has felt somebody belonged behind bars….read more….

National Review Online

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