Ana Trujillo Guilty in Stiletto Murder


The jury is expected to hear more evidence in the punishment phase on Wednesday before deciding on a sentence for Trujillo. She faces up to life in prison.

Alyssa Newcomb and Gina Sunseri report:  A Houston jury found Ana Trujillo guilty today in the so-called “stiletto murder” of her boyfriend who was battered by her spiked heel shoe.

Trujillo briefly closed her eyes as the verdict was read, but showed little emotion. Her family, however, left the courtroom in tears.

The Houston trial gained international notoriety because of the weapon — a blue suede closed toe pump, size 9 with 5 inch heels.

Prosecutors alleged Trujillo, 45, fatally bludgeoned her boyfriend, Dr. Stefan Andersson, by hitting him in the head 25 times with the heel of her stiletto shoe.

[It’s All About the Shoes in Houston Woman’s Murder Trial]

Trujillo is a diminutive woman, her attorney Jack Carroll said in court, while her boyfriend was much bigger. When an argument allegedly broke out that night, and she tried to defend herself, she grabbed the closest weapon at hand — her high heel.

In a video of her police interrogation that was played at the trial, Trujillo told investigators her boyfriend had attacked her in a rage and that she had to defend herself.

While Trujillo said she fought back in self defense, the prosecution said she never once told the 911 dispatcher or police she was in danger.

“Self defense is only when you are in fear for your life. When did we hear that Ana was in fear for her life? Never,” the prosecutor said in closing arguments….(read more) ABC News

3 Comments on “Ana Trujillo Guilty in Stiletto Murder”

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  2. Yoichiro Ito says:

    I believe that district attorney Sarah Mickelson was wearing 5.5 inches stiletto heel cobalt blue Manolo Blahnik shoes in the court room. Which is similar to one used for murder?

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