[VIDEO] Will: ‘Lenin Had a Name for People Like Edward Snowden — Useful Idiots’

Washington Post columnist George Will on “Fox News Sunday”:

Lenin, whose spirit still infuses the government of Russia had a name for people like Mr. Snowden – ‘useful idiots,’ he said, idealists so-called who served the interests of Lenin’s country,” Will said. “We don’t need to listen to Snowden anymore giving us lectures about the virtues of an open society when he chooses to go to earth in Putin’s Russia…”

“…Now about the Pulitzer Prize. In 1972, The New York Times won the Pulitzer Prize for the publication of the Pentagon Papers. The question occurs, what work did they do? Maybe the award should have ge to Daniel Ellsberg who leaked them. Did the paper do more than receive and public? Now the Washington Post and The New York Times did go to court and did establish an important principal about prior restraint that is now part of our constitutional law. Still, the question is, I think in the normal reader’s mind — journalistic effort went into this? What journalistic initiative? This is leaving aside whether the NSA should be doing what it’s doing, leaving aside whether people actually are going to get killed because of Snowden leaked when no one was killed because of the Pentagon Papers. They were just an embarrassment.”

George Will: Breitbart TV

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