Teacher Saralyn Gayle Portwood Accused Of Forcibly Performing Oral Sex On Student


Andres Jauregui reports: A special education teacher faces felony charges for allegedly forcibly performing oral sex on a teenaged boy inside of her Texas high school office.

SARALYN-PORTWOODSaralyn Gayle Portwood was arrested on April 17 for suspicion of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. She’s been suspended from Princeton High School pending the outcome of the investigation

[CBS Dallas Fort Worth has a news video]

In an interview with authorities, her 17-year-old alleged victim, who is not enrolled in special education classes, said that the 30-year-old teacher began harassing him at school earlier this year. She would compliment his appearance and inappropriately brush against him and touch him, he said.

The student said that he told Portwood several times that he wasn’t interested in a relationship with her, but that “she persisted, and he did not know how or who to tell.” The unwanted attention would allegedly culminate in forced sexual contact, according to the Dallas Morning News:

One day, the student said, he was called into Portwood’s office. Once he was there, she pushed him against a desk, pulled down his shorts and performed oral sex, according to the affidavit.


Portwood is married to another teacher in the Princeton school district, and they have a son together, the newspaper reports.


School district officials told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth that the allegations surfaced after teachers overheard some disturbing rumors


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3 Comments on “Teacher Saralyn Gayle Portwood Accused Of Forcibly Performing Oral Sex On Student”

  1. […] Pundit from another Planet Andres Jauregui reports: A special education teacher faces felony charges for allegedly forcibly […]

  2. Thanks for the link, Pundit!
    These incidents keep happening, every day, …and the media’s silence on them is deafening.

  3. Mike says:

    Who needs porn anymore?

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