TMZ Official: No Comment on Whether We Paid for Sterling Audio


For the Washington PostErik Wemple writes: Ever since TMZ posted on Friday night its story about the recorded racist remarks of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling to V. Stiviano, news outlets had taken to calling those comments “alleged.” That’s an important bit of caution, given how easy it is for people to alter, fabricate and otherwise doctor audio — or anything that bubbles up on the Internet.

“The reason we were able to secure the tape is based purely on fact that we have an experienced news desk that has spent the years building a solid network of sources and contacts, and the fact that we got the tape was the result of those relationships over the years.”

— Evan Rosenblum, executive producer of TMZ

Yet Evan Rosenblum, executive producer of TMZ and TMZ Sports, didn’t put much credence in the whole “alleged” thing. “We spent eight days” vetting the tape before publication, “contacting everybody under the sun and doing our due diligence trying to vet this thing. It didn’t go up on the Web site until we were 100 percent sure it was authentic.”

After NBA Commissioner Adam Silver today banned Sterling from the league, those “allegeds” will find their way to a speedy extinction.

TMZ is a Los Angeles-based gossip site that just added a colossal story to its scoop ledger. “This is one of the biggest stories we’ve ever done,” says Rosenblum. Other big TMZ stories include Mel Gibson’s arrest for DUI, the death of Michael Jackson,Michael Richards’s twisted rant and many more. TMZ was founded by Harvey Levindescribed on the site as an “American television producer, lawyer, legal analyst and a celebrity reporter.”

Rosenblum wouldn’t divulge details on just how TMZ acquired the Sterling tape…(read more)

Washington Post

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