Seattle May Day Mayhem as Riot Police Wrestle Anarchist Protesters


Protesters add garbage, signs, and other fuel to a fire in the middle of an intersection during the anti-capitalist demonstration.

Sam Creighton reports: Hundreds of anarchists clashed with police on the streets of Seattle yesterday, during the annual May Day riots.


The protestors marked International Workers’ Day by marching peacefully while carrying banners branded with slogans such as ‘Die Yuppie Scum’ and ‘Anti-Capitalism and Anti-State’. However, a violent minority caused trouble once the sun went down, waging running battles with police officers.

There most high profile action was setting fire to dumpsters in the road of one of the city’s major junctions.


On of the key themes of yesterdays march was the campaign for a $15 minimum wage and, early in the day, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announced a plan to phase it in over the next seven years…


…The police department’s blog said vandals spray-painted a few businesses early Thursday in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.


Officers also found ‘Kill SPD’ – standing for ‘Kill Seattle Police Department’ – painted on walls and a flier was circulated calling for the killing of officers.


(read more) Mail Online

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