The Daily Caller’s List of 2014 WORST Teachers Of The Year


For  The Daily CallerEric Owens writes: President Barack Obama honored 2014 National Teacher of the Year Sean McComb during a White House ceremony on Thursday.

In his remarks about McComb, a Baltimore, Md. high school English teacher, Obama took the opportunity to praise every member of the teaching profession.

“To all the teachers who are out there, and the millions who are working hard in classrooms all across our nation, we want to thank you,” the president said. “You’re doing the Lord’s work.”

As we all know, however, the Lord works in mysterious ways. His work can sometimes seem to vex everyone—especially when it comes to these 11 teachers.

Here’s just a sample, for the full menu of perps, hit the Daily Caller’s WORST Teachers Of The Year list right here.

YouTube-screenshot-PlayboyCristy Nicole Deweese, a high school Spanish teacher in Dallas, Texas, was fired in October after students figured out she had once posed gloriously nude as Playboy’s “Coed of the Month.” “That’s my Spanish teacher!!!” reads a representative comment under a YouTube clip featuring DeWeese. In Playboy’s online videos and photos, Deweese goes by the much sexier name, Cristy Nicole. She had just turned 18 when she removed her clothes for the illustrious men’s magazine in February 2011. (RELATED: Hasta La Vista, Baby: High School Spanish Teacher Who Posed For Playboy Now Sacked)

Harris County SheriffOnly last week, prosecutors in Houston, Texas charged middle school teacher Felicia Smith because she gave a full-on lap dance to a boy for his birthday in front of an entire class in February. According to a police report, Smith, 42, did the thing where she turned around and swiveled her butt on the student. She rubbed him with her hands. She also got down on her knees and stuck her head between the boy’s legs. The incident lasted a little over three-and-a-half minutes—presumably the duration of the song chosen for the special occasion. At the end, Smith allegedly hugged the boy and told him, “I love you, baby. Happy birthday.”(RELATED: Middle School Teacher Provides ‘Full-Contact’ Lap Dance In Front Of Class For Birthday Boy)

WFXT screenshotIn January, in Walpole, Mass., Norfolk County Agricultural High School teacher Marc Mertzallegedly ambled down his snow-covered driveway to his mailbox wearing only a ski hat, ski goggles and a towel. Then, police say, Mertz dropped the towel and began thrusting his hips in the direction of the mailbox. (RELATED: High School Teacher Arrested For Dry Humping His Mailbox In The Nude)

Olivia Sprauer, formerly a freshman English teacher, got her 15 YouTube-screenshot-slapinyafaceminutes of fame in December when she was featured on the March 2014 cover of Hustler magazine. Inside the magazine, there is a 14-page photo spread of Sprauer showing her junk—under the far sexier model name Victoria V. James. The cover promises “EXCLUSIVE PINK!” and “NAKED PAYBACK.” Other promised pieces involve comedian Margaret Cho’s “freaky SEX secrets.” (RELATED: Former Freshman English Teacher Graces The Cover Of Hustler)


YouTube-screenshot-TomoNews-U-S-Meredith Powell, a 24-year-old math teacher at Lincoln High School in Tacoma, Wash., stands accused of engaging in oral sex and other sexual acts behind the locked door of her classroom with a few different male high school students. The charges against the young math teacher began piling up back in February. Powell’s interactions with the students allegedly featured bad porn dialogue. For example, according to court documents, an unidentified male student told Powell he would do anything to increase his math grade. “You’ll do anything?” Powell allegedly asked. “Anything,” the teenager repeated. With that, the high schooler said, she reached over to unzip his pants and grabbed his penis. (RELATED: Behind The Math Class Door: High School Teacher Admits To Classroom Sex With Two Students) and  [WARNING: GRAPHIC] Meredith Powell’s Misdeeds: Amended Probable Cause Documents in Teacher Sex Case] [Meredith Powell in Custody of Her Mother: Boy-Crazy High School Teacher Accused of Rape Resigns, Surrenders Teaching Certificate]

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