Obama’s Last Shot – Climate Change – And Why It’s Doomed To Fail


For Brietbart.com reports: Today the Obama administration publishes its latest National Climate Assessment on the state of global warming. The bad news – inevitably – is that the news is very bad: more heat, more extreme weather, more drought, everything worse than ever before.

Fortunately, there’s some good news too: you don’t need to believe a word because, just like the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change‘s reports, this document is much more a political one than a scientific one.

Its purpose is described well in the headline of this Rolling Stone article: Obama’s Last Shot:

“Taking action on climate is one of the most important goals in the president’s second term,” John Podesta, counselor to the president and his point man on climate policy, told me a few weeks ago. “He feels a profound and urgent obligation to get as much done as he can before he leaves office.”

Of course he does but in order to achieve these intrusive, radical, economically-damaging changes – America still being, more or less, a democracy – Obama first needs to make a persuasive case that they are actually necessary. Otherwise, there might be quite a lot of resistance, say, from the coal-producing states (over his ongoing war on fossil fuels); from taxpayers (over all the money being diverted into renewable energy scams like Solyndra); from country dwellers (sick of having their views ruined, their sleep disturbed and their avian wildlife sliced and diced by wind turbines); from the unions (concerned at all the US jobs will be lost if and when the Keystone XL pipeline is nixed); from energy users (over prices raised artificially high by the drive for heavily subsidised renewables); from farmers (subject to increasingly intrusive environmental regulations on how they may and may not use their land); and so on.

This is where the Chicago tactics of Obama’s chief climate bundler John Podesta come in. For the full grisly details I’d recommend this superb analysis by Christine Lakatos. Suffice to say that the Obama administration is up to the neck in the green energy scam, with at least $150 billion of taxpayers’ money having been diverted by the government into various, invariably worthless environmental schemes, many of them involving Obama campaign donors. Podesta’s job is to keep ramping up the climate hysteria in order to give the Obama administration’s increasingly oppressive and counterproductive environmental spending and regulation a fig-leaf of scientific credibility.

Hence this National Climate Assessment which comes full of sound and fury but actually signifies nothing, as Pat Michaels and Chip Knappenberger explain over at Watts Up With That?

Michaels and Knappenberger demolished the draft of the National Climate Assessment when it was published a year ago:

This National Assessment is much closer to pseudoscience than it is to science. It is as explanatory as Sigmund Freud. It clearly believes that virtually everything in our society is tremendously dependent the surface temperature, and, because of that, we are headed towards certain and inescapable destruction, unless we take its advice and decarbonize our economy, pronto. Unfortunately, the Assessment can’t quite tell us how to accomplish that, because no one knows how(read more)


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