Oh Yes They Did: House Votes 231-187 to Hold Lois Lerner in Contempt


Giving it to you straight, is Mediaite:

The House of Representatives voted 231-187 tonight to hold former IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress, weeks after the House Oversight Committee voted to bring the contempt charge to the House floor. The point of contention is whether Lerner waived her Fifth Amendment rights during hearings into IRS political targeting. In addition to the contempt charge, last month the House Ways and Means Committee voted to refer Lerner to the Justice Department for a possible investigation into criminal charges.

Josh Feldman – Mediaite

For the more comforting pro-Democrat spin, try the NYT. Their headline: “House Holds Ex-I.R.S. Official in Contempt (in what the NYTimes, and only the NYTimes calls) the “Tea Party Case“.

Written by Jeremy W. Peters, it’s crafted to be the least upsetting to their Tea-Party hating readers. It’s meant to reassure them that it’s not a real hearing, about real crimes, it’s 100% political, lead by mean, witch-hunting, conspiracy-deranged Republicans, against innocent, law-abiding, hard-working servants of the people. Thank goodness it’s not about Lois Lerner’s accountability, or abuses against citizens by the IRS.

It includes this photo of an “angry-looking” Republican white male:


Here’s some choice quotes:

 “Democrats invoked former Senator Joseph R. McCarthy and delusions of widespread conspiracy.”

“Yet Republicans found themselves on the defensive about why in recent days they have tried to raise money off the Benghazi episode. “

“Democrats were openly derisive of Republicans, branding their legislative agenda ‘conspiracy week.’ And they tried to make an issue of the partisan imbalance on the Benghazi select committee, which will consist of more Republicans than Democrats.”

And–being the New York Times, with all the obligations that entails–they give the last word to Democrats, Representative Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland and Representative Nancy Pelosi of California. (read more)


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