[VIDEO] Inside ‘Mad Men’ Season 7, Episode 7 ‘Waterloo’: Recap

For Speakeasy – WSJ, ‘Mad Men’ Recapper Gwen Orel writes:

Moon landing! Moon landing! For everyone who wondered whether we’d see the moon landing, it’s all over “Waterloo”—the lead-up to it, where people worried about the astronauts, and the landing itself. The title “Waterloo” is made explicit by Bert in a conversation with Roger about Don’s attempt at a comeback.peggy-madmen

The episode looks at defeats and comebacks.

Ted takes Sunkist clients in a plane and, for kicks, cuts the engine. Jim and Pete yell at him over the phone about how Ted expressed a death-wish. Turns out that what Ted really wants is for Jim to buy him out, so he can leave advertising.

The Don comeback comes to a head after Lou storms in Jim’s office, furious that they didn’t get Commander cigarettes. Jim snipes at him that “you’re only a hired hand,” but then writes a letter with all the partners’ names on it, firing Don for his breach of contract meeting with Commander. Don is furious and stomps into Jim’s office, then shouts for Roger, Joan and Bert. There’s an impromptu partners’ meeting in he hall—Joan sends Harry away, reminding him he’s not a partner yet. Don says they should raise their hands if they want to play parliamentary procedure. Jim says he has Ted’s vote by proxy (we know he may not), but only he and Joan vote Don out. Pete, Bert, Roger and Don vote he stays. And though Joan says she’s tired of Don losing them money, she also tells Jim, “You shouldn’t have done that.”

It’s here that Bert rambles to Roger about Napoleon, leadership, visions and teams. Even though Napoleon can’t make a comeback, Don was on his team, he says.

Poor dim Meredith, when giving Don the evil letter, cried, and kissed him, which seemed to make him want to laugh. He had her call his attorney.

A college friend of Betty’s, Caroline, comes to visit with her husband two sons. The older one is handsome, the younger, nerdy with spectacles and wants to look through Bobby’s telescope all the time. Sally is working as a lifeguard and as Betty points out, wears lipstick to the pool—no doubt to impress the visitors.

It’s Waterloo for Don and Megan, finally! When he calls her to tell her that the company wants him to move on, she suggests that he might be happier. He wonders about going out there—and her response is silence. So many, many Mad Men viewers can now rejoice that Megan’s arc seems done.

Peggy has gotten closer to 10-year-old Julio, and is genuinely upset that he and his family are moving to Newark. A cute handyman leaves her his number.

Everybody, but everybody, watches the Moon Landing. In Indiana before Burger Chef, the team watches. Roger and Mona watch with Brooks and Ellery. Bert says “bravo” to the famous words, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Don calls Sally, where everyone is watching, and it seems Sally is over-impressed by older hot hunk when she parrots his “it’s so expensive” to her daddy. But later, she looks through the telescope with the younger boy, and gives him a kiss… (read more)

Speakeasy – WSJ

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