The Myth Of White Privilege

image9-300x200For the Houston Chronicle writes:

Years ago I started reading about the critical race theory and post traumatic slave syndrome. Now we are hearing more about the theory of ‘white privilege.” Simply put, white privilege is the belief that by just being white you are given privilege not given to blacks, and that blacks suffer from the legacy of slavery and pre civil rights, even those that were born well after slavery was history, and and civil rights were passed.

Let’s be clear about one thing. I know racism still exists. I don’t deny the reality of ‘driving while black” or a store clerk following around a black person, but not a white person, or people like Mark Cuban and Jesse Jackson saying they fear black kids on dark streets late at night. I don’t deny that blacks are arrested in greater numbers than whites for the same crimes. I don’t deny the injustice in the criminal justice system. I don’t deny the inequity in black inner city schools compared to majority white schools. All these things are real and disturbingly unfair. But I contend they are not the result of ‘white privilege.’image5-300x199-1

White privilege, along with the critical race theory and post traumatic slave syndrome, are liberal false theories and ideologies designed to ignore the real reasons for failings in the inner city black community. Liberals and liberal academia cannot face, nor acknowledge, that the true reason for these failings lie in decades of Democrat liberal policies. They can’t acknowledge that government dependency, welfare, food stamps, and a host of other government programs that were supposed to help the black community, actually proved to have the opposite effect. They can’t acknowledge this because they were the architect of these policies.

image8-300x230Let’s go back in time to Harlem in the 1950′s. Make no mistake, there was unrelenting racial injustices, discrimination, and unfair treatment, but if you look at Harlem solely within the black community itself, Harlem was a bustling part of New York where black owned businesses thrived, iconic music was born, and 90 percent of black babies were born into intact families. There were problems to be sure, but not nearly the gang related problems of today in the inner city with unemployment, drugs, single parenting, incarceration, and despair. There also wasn’t government dependency.

Government dependency is what infected the inner city black community, not the legacy of “white privilege.” With the onset of equal rights, equal opportunity, and civil rights, I often wonder how different things would have been for the inner city black community if the big white liberal helping hand had been slapped away. I believe that it would have changed everything.

Now, let’s travel forward into the 60′s and 70′s. Did you know that by the mid 1960′s HALF of all blacks had moved into the middle class? Black families were intact, the door of opportunity had been opened, and discrimination became illegal. There was still plenty of racism and obstacles, but blacks were moving forward. Then, everything starts to change and unravel for the black family, as we see the big white liberal helping hand decide that government programs must be implemented. Welfare dependency soared in the 70′s. Government checks replaced husbands, gangs replaced Dads, and broken homes became the norm. By the 1980′s seventy to eighty percent of black babies were born to unwed mothers. These mothers lived their lives dependent on the government. Their children grew up and also depended on the government, and the vicious cycle of dependency began…(read more)

Houston Chronicle TexasSparkle

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