Tiananmen Anniversary in Hong Kong


Tens of thousands have gathered in Hong Kong for the only major commemoration in China of the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre in Beijing.

For BBC News, Juliana Liu reports: The organizers said some 180,000 attended the vigil, but the police put the crowd size at just under 100,000. The city retains civil liberties not permitted to mainland Chinese. The 1989 protesters wanted political reform, but the crackdown was ordered after hardliners won a power struggle within the ruling Communist Party.


In Beijing, the authorities have imposed blanket security, particularly on Tiananmen Square, to prevent any attempts to mark the anniversary.

Dozens of activists were detained in the run-up to the anniversary, with foreign journalists ushered away from the square on Wednesday.

The Chinese authorities classify the 1989 protests as counter-revolutionary riots and hold no memorial. But in Hong Kong a large crowd joined the Tiananmen remembrance rally, which has been held every year since the massacre.

Hong Kong is a special Chinese city with a high level of autonomy, where civil liberties like freedom of speech and assembly are guaranteed. Here, people from all walks of life were allowed to gather openly to mourn the violent suppression of a peaceful protest in Beijing in 1989…(read more)

BBC News

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