Obama Is the New Dubya


With each passing year, Obama’s foreign policy gets more and more like Dubya’s—which creates bigger political problems for the Democrats.

For The Daily BeastLloyd Green writes: Barack Obama has more in common with his predecessor, George W. Bush, than he might want to acknowledge. Like Bush, Obama is convinced of the righteousness of his own judgment, and lets all of us know it.

“Faced with a Middle East in flames, Republicans would do well to hold extensive hearings on what was the president is thinking and hold the administration’s feet to the fire.”

While Republicans accuse Obama of everything from being crypto-Muslim to foreign-born to committing high crimes and misdemeanors, the reality is that Obama is running American foreign policy from a watered-down version of the Bush playbook. Drones, check; NSA surveillance, check; overreach, check.

“The Democrats can respond, of course, that it was Bush’s fault, and they would be right. But strictly speaking, that’s not the contemporary GOP’s problem…”

If the rap on Bush 43 was that he wanted to be policeman to the world, Obama seems to have the same ambition—only to do it on the cheap. Bush failed at his “mission accomplished” while spending a lot of money; Obama is failing while spending less.

Yes, Obama presided over the withdrawal American forces from Iraq, and announced a timetable for their pullout from Afghanistan. Still, he seeks to project U.S. force around the globe, regardless of priority or magnitude of crisis, as if our military was a hybrid of cops and Hessians. No matter seems too small for Obama’s attention, even if the upside for America is negligible or nonexistent.

Take the Middle East as an example. In Libya, he sought to lead from behind, only to see our embassy in Benghazi sacked by jihadists. In Syria he made chemical weapons a “red line,” and then folded in the face of public outcry and congressional opposition. At no time did Obama lay out what America’s vital interest might be in either hot spot. But it didn’t end there.

More recently, Secretary of State John Kerry wasted his time and prestige in a futile shuttle between Jerusalem and Ramallah in another failed attempt to broker a peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Kerry’s quest was as much rooted in reality as W’s dream of grafting a secular democracy upon a religiously riven Iraq, or transforming the Arab world into something it isn’t and may never be…(read more)

The Daily Beast

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