…But The Left Told Us WMDs Didn’t Exist

2 Comments on “…But The Left Told Us WMDs Didn’t Exist”

  1. […] By Pundit from another Planet ISIS storms Saddam-era chemical weapons complex in Iraq http://t.co/3Tbs6q6A9s What? I thought WMDs didn’t exist?!? pic.twitter.com/ZmgKhsZ7IV — Marc Hilliker (@MarcHilliker) June 19, 2014Filed under: Global, History, War Room Tagged: Chemical weapon, Iraq, Iraq War, Saddam, Saddam Hussein, United States, Warfare and Conflict, Weapon of mass destruction Like this? Read more and get your own subscription at […]

  2. […] Prediction Comes True:  Warned This Would Happen in Iraq if Troops Are Withdrawn Too Soon  . . . But the Left told us that WMDs didn’t exist […]

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