After Cochran’s Win: Red-State Socialism Must Be Stopped!


The hidden message of Thad Cochran’s big win is that politicians can always get reelected by bringing home the bacon. This must end.

For The Daily BeastNick Gillespie writes: I get why Mississippi voters of all parties, races, and creeds pulled together at the very last minute to give Sen. Thad Cochran a win in his GOP primary and thus effectively another six years in the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body™ (also known as the League of Unextraordinary Gentlemen).The short version: Cochran has been very, very good to the Magnolia State, first as a congressman (1973-1978) and then as a senator (1978-forever). Not because he has authored or championed legislation that has expanded the scope of human freedom and flourishing. No, he’s just one of the great elder statesmen of what should be called out as “Red State Socialism,” the process by which supposedly conservative states—typically filled with politicians and voters who rail against welfarism in all its manifestations—are gifted massive subsidies courtesy of mostly blue-state voters.By any measure, Mississippi has been on the government teat longer and more fully than the kid on that creepy Time magazine cover about attachment parenting. According to the Tax Foundation, Mississippi has never been lower than fourth in the amount of federal taxes paid vs. the amount of federal money received.  In 2005, Mississippi received a jaw-dropping $2.02 in federal money for every $1 of taxes its residents sent to Washington.

By 2010, that had jacked up further still to $2.47. That same year, the Tax Foundation calculates that fully 49 percent of Mississippi’s state general revenue comes from federal taxpayers who will never step foot in Morgan Freeman’s and William Faulkner’s beloved stamping grounds.

It’s not just Mississippi, of course. As lefty publications such as Mother Jones love to point out, “Most Red States Take More Money from Washington Than They Put In.”In 2010, states overall received $1.29 in federal gravy for every dollar residents kicked toward D.C. (such a persistent mismatch between money in and money out exemplifies what I’ve called Groupon Government and explains massive and mounting debt and deficits). Besides Mississippi, other notable red-state freeloaders included Alabama ($2.03), Alaska ($1.93), and South Carolina ($1.92). “Republican states, on average, received $1.46 in federal spending for every tax dollar paid,” writes Dave Gilson. “Democratic states, on average, received $1.16.” Shame on both sides for bilking the system—and props to places as generous and different as Delaware (which received just 38 cents per dollar paid), New York (72 cents), California (87 cents), Texas (85 cents), and Massachusetts (83 cents).

Cochran and his bipartisan supporters—he was by all accounts helped in his victory over Tea Party favorite Chris McDaniel by Democrats both in and out of Mississippi—underscore just how powerful the fiscally unsustainable status quo really is (a federal government that kicks out $1.29 to states for every dollar they send in will eventually hit the skids). Sure, Cochran may be a Republican and he may call himself a conservative advocate of limited government. Yet he has rarely met an expansion of government power and spending he couldn’t warm up to (in this, he is very similar to former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor).

Of course Cochran was in favor of invading Iraq and nation-building there, and he has always supported more money for the military (if he quibbles with foreign interventions, it’s clearly because of partisan politics, not deeply held principle). He voted not just for the Patriot Act, but its various reauthorizations, and he doesn’t give a rip about government spying on its citizens….(read more)

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    After Cochran’s Win: Red-State Socialism Must Be Stopped!

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    We must first understand that Socialism and all of it’s variants are found on both sides of the aisle. Only then will we be able to place suitable individuals into elected office.

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