How Hamas Uses Human Shields

Zoe Liebmann reports: Since Operation Protective Edge began on Monday evening the death toll is up to 41 in Gaza and 0 in Israel. By looking blankly at these numbers one could assume that Hamas is the victim, however this assumption is proven invalid.

Bibi Netanyahu stated on July 8, “the security of our citizens is our primary consideration…we are determined to give our citizens the safety and security they deserve.” The objective of the IDF is to protect its people, not to kill. In the past two days, Gaza has fired over 300 rockets towards Israel. According to Haaretz Israeli News, the Iron Dome has shot down 90 percent of the rockets targeted at Israel. The IDF uses the Iron Dome to protect the people of Israel from terror.


Hamas on the other hand has a different objective. Hamas teaches their children to want to kill Jews. Hamas lives to kill, while Israel lives to protect. Hamas focuses on destroying Israel and using their own as human shields. Aside from Hamas promoting their own to be martyrs, they also use minors as human shields. This terrorist organization also purposely fires rockets from highly populated locations where civilians live.

Past NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in an interview with CNN news, in regards to Hamas’s tactics: “It’s the ultimate cowardness to launch your attack with human shields around you, it’s one of the oldest sick things that terrorists do. They surround themselves with civilians and they reach over their heads to attack you and if you defend yourself by attacking back the civilians get in the way and they say oh look you’re killing civilians.”


Video evidence shows Hamas launching rockets from civilian buildings, hospitals, and kindergartens. These are not new tactics for Hamas.

Hamas sends rockets nearly every day towards Israel to kill anyone it will hit. Unlike Hamas, the IDF protects its people and even tries to protect innocent civilians in Gaza. The Israeli army broadcast a radio message in Arabic, warning residents that: “For your safety, get away from Hamas and their hiding places. Don’t go near them. They’re endangering your lives. For your safety, don’t let them near your homes, don’t let them hide in your homes.”

The IDF also sends warning shots to alert civilians to evacuate the area.

Forty percent of Israel’s population, roughly 3.5 million people, are endangered and yet, thank goodness, not one citizen has been killed by rockets in this operation. The way to look at the numbers recorded is not the number of deaths on one side versus the other; the focus should be the number of people that have been saved by either side. There have been only minor injuries in Israel because the IDF does everything in its power to protect the people of Israel. There are more deaths in Gaza because Hamas does not have the objective to protect their people and uses innocent civilians as shields and martyrs. IDF saves, Hamas kills…(read moreHow Hamas Uses Human Shields

More coverage of Protective Edge here.


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