Reality Check: Israel vs. Hamas


Via Gay, Conservative, and Proud

7 Comments on “Reality Check: Israel vs. Hamas”

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  2. GiantBowlOfNoodles says:

    Don’t be an idiot. Israel has a much superior military. It’s not self-defense, It’s genocide. They WANT to kill civilians, and the fact-of-the-matter is that they can, and hence they are. Nothing more to it.

  3. GiantBowlOfNoodles says:

    It’s not antisemitic. What if a Jew believed what I believe (and many do), would you call them antisemitic, too? It’s just the truth and if you think by calling me antisemitic (and making me feel guilty), you could shut me up, then, let me tell you. you are wrong.

    • The Butcher says:

      You just claimed Israel ‘wants to commit genocide”. It’s quite clear you know this is false, but wish to say it anyway. That’s bigotry, ignorance, propaganda, and hatred. Thanks for displaying it for our readers.

      • GiantBowlOfNoodles says:

        How is it quite clear? Stop tagging people as ignorant and shit. It’s a debate and you have your opinions and I have mine. You can argue but calling me all sorts of things, that’s just really low. Having a conflict of opinion doesn’t make me ANYTHING!

      • The Butcher says:

        You’re free to your own opinion (which you should contaminate some other website with, instead of this one) but not your own facts, nor a projection of the intentions or motivations of anyone other than yourself.

        You may want to pretend that you have magic powers that can read the motives of someone else, or a nation and its people — “they WANT to commit genocide!” — huh?– the rest of us decline to go along with your delusional fantasy. This is not a conflict of opinion. This is your personal problem.

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