[VIDEO] State Department Briefing’s ‘Routine Matters’: Shepard Smith ‘Highly Inappropriate’

Good capture from The BlazeShepard Smith could not hide his disgust regarding how State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki began the agency’s daily press briefing on the heels of a Malaysian Airlines plane going down over Ukraine.

“Well this is just highly inappropriate I would say…”

Smith said. He was reacting to Psaki starting the press briefing going over normal business and talking bout elections in Afghanistan instead of starting with reaction to the breaking crash news.

[Also see – Video: Shep Smith incredulous as State Department opens briefing … by ignoring Ukraine plane crash]

“Each day the State Department has a briefing. Each day there are State Department reporters who are there, that is their beat, they are assigned to be there. And you get a long list of things that are going on over the world and then you get to ask questions…”

“…Today, a Malaysian Airlines jet has fallen from the sky over a war zone and the State Department is beginning with routine matters. You figure it out. I can’t figure that out.”

“Jennifer Griffen,” he said, throwing it to one of the network’s reporters, “I can’t believe what just happened.”…(read more)


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