China’s young military leaders are destroying China

China News

Chinese military officers Chinese military officers

China is on the verge of destroying a geopolitical miracle. In 1980, its economy was less than one-tenth that of the United States. In 30 years, China rose to become No. 2 in the world, without disrupting the world order.

Suddenly, with little warning, three decades of careful management of its external challenges have been replaced by three years of assertive and occasionally reckless actions.

This new posture partly explains an emerging Western media consensus that China has become an expansionist military power, threatening its neighbours and the world.

But before this consensus is set in stone, we should remind ourselves what a large, complex society China is: Neither the country nor its government is monolithic. On a recent visit to Beijing, I saw that a lively debate is taking place among senior leaders on the strategy China should adopt as it moves toward becoming…

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