Sometimes real news becomes parody. Over at the Internal Revenue Service, where nobody seems to be in charge, one of the managers of the ethics office faces disbarment for unethical conduct.

 Three years ago, the tax-collection agency hired one Takisha McGee and gave her supervisory authority in the Office of Professional Responsibility. She travels the country to lecture IRS agents and tax preparers on how to conduct themselves to the highest standards of integrity.

Poor, sleepy Takisha McGee. She apparently took a snooze when her law school professors instructed students that they should not steal from clients. Two of the clients Ms. McGee represented won a personal-injury case and their settlement money went mysteriously missing. The clients called, emailed and sent fax messages to Ms. McGee to find out what was going on. She didn’t answer. The clients wanted their money, but Ms. McGee by now had been hired by the IRS, and she had no time to talk to them.

The D.C. Bar investigated and concluded that Ms. McGee put the missing cash in her pocket and lied about it…

So what to do with an an ethics lawyer with ethical problems?

…As our Jim McElhatton reported, the wheels of justice turn slowly, and the fate of Ms. McGee’s license to practice has yet to be fully determined….(read more)