Urban Ingenuity: Man Turns Unused Basement Room into a Log Cabin Replica for $107


MAKE Magazine has this gem: For most of us, having a log cabin is only a place we can rent from time to time to get away from the madness in the city. Owning one is out of our reach, however building one is a different matter altogether and doesn’t require a fortune to do so, provided you have an extra room and some basic carpentry skills. Imgur user [oldblue] took an unused room in his basement and converted it to look like a 50’s-era log cabin’s interior, complete with faux fireplace, rustic furniture and artillery shell (next to the fireplace no less). [oldblue] designed the cabin using lumber taken from shipping crates for the walls, stone (found on the side of the road) for the fireplace and an aged and stained 4 X 8 for the center beam.

The ‘before’ picture complete with un-cabin disco ball décor.

The floorboards were also taken from shipping crates and were ripped to 3-inches and cut tongue and groove style for easy assembly. To give it the feeling of being in the wilderness, oldblue installed a fake window with a photo of the outdoors illuminated by a light behind it.

The light can be turned off, simulating both day and night. The kicker is that the project cost a mere $107 in materials to complete, most everything else was free! Only $107 upped the price of his house by thousands.. well done! Full project breakdown after this link...(read more)



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