[VIDEO] What Was More Exciting than the POTUS Speech? Jay Carney v. John McCain

NRO’s Andrew Johnson found the McCainCarney duel more compelling than the POTUS speech. Again from The Corner:

Former Obama press secretary Jay Carney’s start as a CNN pundit got a little rougher than expectedmcCain-HT this evening — he tried to tangle with John McCain about Middle East policy.

“Facts are stubborn things.”

Senator John McCain

Jay-Carney-HTAfter Carney had offered a favorable take on his former boss’s speech, Senator McCain took issue with Carney’s claim that the moderate Syrian opposition, which the president tonight proposed to arm, is stronger and more easily identifiable than it had been over the past couple years, during which time McCain had called for arming moderate rebel groups but President Obama had refused.

No serious expert on the matter thinks the moderate rebels are stronger now than they were earlier in the war, McCain pointed out. Carney argued he wasn’t saying the moderates had grown stronger, just that the U.S. now can better identify them, but McCain pointed out…(read more)

The debate continued; this image may serve as a good summary:


The segment exploded on social media…(more)

National Review Online

2 Comments on “[VIDEO] What Was More Exciting than the POTUS Speech? Jay Carney v. John McCain”

  1. Bullright says:

    So the artful Carney has found a new niche as Baghdad Bob.

  2. teajr says:

    I almost felt sorry for the Carni

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