EXCLUSIVE: Hong Kong Democracy Demonstrations Day 6 — Scenes and Signs

A noon-time walk through the Central/Admiralty demonstration site in front of the main government offices revealed that the end of the National Day holiday and periodic drenching rain had thinned the crowd somewhat, but that there were still more than enough demonstrators to hold the blockade.  Local news sources report that there are some talks going on through intermediaries, but there seems to be no possibility that CY Leung (the Beijing-approved Hong Kong head of government) will resign as the protesters have demanded, nor that Beijing will modify its ruling that candidates for chief executive elections to be held in 2017 will have to be nominated by a body that Beijing will control.  At this point it is hard to see how the demonstrators can stand down without seeming to have been defeated.  Yet it also seems that many in the city are tiring of the disruptions caused by the barricades across three key roadways in a place where limited space means that there are few, if any, alternative routes.


The main entry way to the central government offices, still blocked. The banner says “My parents cry for me; I cry for the future.”


A flyer identifying suspected agents provocateur — they are accused of posing as demonstrators and urging violent action.


A poem entitled “Our Generations’s Tiananmen” — the gist is that although we may die, someday the dream of democracy and freedom will be realized.


“There is no mass demonstration without the masses.”


“Value (our) supplies; carry out refuse.”


A Chinese flag with the stars replaced by the words “Corruption, Illicit Sexual Relations, Obscenity/Excess, Theft, Plunder”


“Don’t become divided”


“[an obscenity involving one’s mother]” to China; for Hong Kong, “Stay strong” (There may be a second level of meaning here connecting the two sentiments . . .)




“Our Demand: Just Universal Suffrage” “Our struggle: Peace, liberty, prosperity”


This seems to be a message from one element of the demonstrators who want to limit the action to just the one area in front of the central government offices and abandon the blockade in the Mon Kok area of Kowloon across the harbor.


The periodic heavy rain has pushed people to congregate under the pedestrian walkways leading to the blockaded government offices


A large contingent held the blockade at a major overpass leading to the government offices. The International Finance Center Tower — the tallest building on Hong Kong island — stands about seven blocks to the west.


Banners on the pedestrian walkway above the center of the demonstration: “Police and citizens – from the same root” and “Support Hongkongers”


The Chinese in the middle: “Peace”


“How do you know things will be better tomorrow?” “We don’t know, but we have hope.”


“A clear appeal for democracy; seeking public nominations”

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