Hong Kong Protests: The Power of Ridicule


For Hong Kong Protesters, Ridicule Proves an Effective Formula

On the streets of Hong Kong, protesting students have found a novel way to assail their opponents. They sing “Happy Birthday.” As the WSJ’s Andrew Browne writes in this week’s China’s World column:

Lusty choruses of the song—in English—rang out in the working-class neighborhood of Mong Kok last week when thugs descended to try to break up the sit-in demonstrations there. The crowds would engulf a hostile interloper and strike up the melody.

It was musical mockery; the equivalent of the medieval pillory designed to publicly embarrass and humiliate.

On a much wider scale, this tactic has proved remarkably effective—and it will remain so even if police action this week to remove the barricades ultimately heralds the crumbling of the student-led movement. Over the past two weeks, the students have poured scorn on a proposed electoral system to select the territory’s next leader that purports to bestow universal suffrage but that will, in reality, be a popular vote only for candidates preapproved by a committee stacked with pro-Beijing members….(Read more)

See the full story on WSJ.com

 China Real Time Report – WSJ

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