Quietly, Quietly, Rolling Stone Changes Its Rape Story Apology


Major changes appeared Saturday in Rolling Stone’s apology for a widely-read story alleging a female student was gang raped at the University of Virginia.

The original three-paragraph note was published Friday and came in the wake of a storm of criticism over Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s story about an unidentified student named “Jackie.” The note concluded with a paragraph that said “discrepancies” in Jackie’s story had appeared and that the magazine “misplaced” its trust in her.

But Saturday, much of that language was suddenly missing, despite the post’s continued publication date of Dec. 5 and without mention of an update or correction. The new concluding paragraph acknowledged that the magazine made mistakes, then said “these mistakes are on Rolling Stone, not on Jackie.”

The original version of the note was signed by Will Dana, Rolling Stone’s managing editor. By Saturday, Dana’s signature had disappeared and the note had grown from a total of three paragraphs to four.

Both Erdely’s story and the initial version of the Rolling Stone note were widely criticized. After calling the piece “disastrous,” The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple described the sentence in the note about misplaced trust a “misogynistic, victim-blaming line.” Slate’s Hanna Rosin also sharply criticized the piece and wrote that Rolling Stone did “an even shoddier job apologizing.” Others worried that the note itself could have a chilling effect on victims’ willingness to step forward.


Messages to Rolling Stone and Dana were not immediately answered Saturday night. Images of the two versions of the note are included below…(read more)

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