2014: A Banner Year For The Second Amendment

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Daniel Payne writes: My colleague Robert Tracinski recently re-instituted the Democratic Party Death Watch, an alert that signifies the donks are “betting everything on the far-left base while driving away their own blue-collar and middle class constituents.” The modern Democratic Party being a clumsy amalgamation of economic buffoons and social justice warriors, a death watch is an appropriate vigil to keep, although I wouldn’t bet against Elizabeth Warren making fiscal insanity and dimwitted neo-Marxist philosophy a mainstream policy platform. It has been done before.


Nevertheless, the Democratic death watch sounds fine with me, and while we’re at it we can celebrate one of the other victories of the past year, a triumph that is not-coincidentally contemporaneous with the imploding prospects of the Democrats: 2014 was a year in which gun control became more of a liability for the Left than an asset.


To be sure, there are still plenty of politicians out there who are interested in restricting and curtailing gun rights: they will always be there, constantly mumbling about background checks and “loopholes” and 30-clip military-style magazine-rifles. Ignore them. In the main, gun control has become a distasteful subject and a losing prospect for many who seek it. Early in December, Pew released a poll showing that, for the first time in more than two decades, a majority of Americans support gun rights over gun control. Across the board these numbers have risen from just a couple of years ago after the Newtown shootings: the share of Democrats who believe in protecting gun rights rose 6 percent, the same as Republicans generally; among “conservative/moderate Democrats” the jump was a startling 12 percent. Urban, suburban, and rural Americans all increased their support of gun rights over gun control; blacks did too, by a whopping 10 percent.


The Signs of Desperation Abound

This isn’t to say that everyone who sides with gun rights believes in no gun regulations at all, only that the gun controllers have suffered a decisive and, frankly, humiliating defeat: for all the fearmongering, all the nasty and deceitful scare tactics that the Left has used over the past few years to convince more Americans to give up their gun rights, a majority of Americans have largely ignored this advice and even turned against it.

The gun-control wing of the Left has grown more desperate and more angry as its influence has waned.

And what about that fearmongering? For all its bombast and high-soaring rhetoric, the gun control movement’s efforts over the last year have exposed a campaign that is deeply distressed and perhaps terminally irrelevant: unable for years to achieve their goal of widespread citizen disarmament, the gun-control wing of the Left has grown more desperate and more angry as its influence has waned. Earlier in the fall, the gun control group Moms Demand Action, along with a few liberal senators, mounted a campaign to get openly-carried weapons banned from Kroger. They provided zero evidence that guns openly carried in Kroger were a danger to shoppers; indeed, so flatly pointless was their campaign, they were reduced to counting shootings outside of Kroger by criminals as some sort of mark against weapons openly-carried by law-abiding citizens. Needless to say, Kroger has appropriately ignored this nonsense, preferring to base its business decisions in reality rather than gun-control fever dreams….(read more)

The Federalist

Daniel Payne is a senior contributor at The Federalist. He blogs at Trial of the Century. You can follow Daniel on Twitter.


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    The Most interesting Woman in the World… wears Dos X’s.

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