Le Petit Journal: French Clowns Demand Apology from Fox News VP Michael Clemente


After mocking Fox & Friends earlier this week for their coverage of France’s supposed “no-go” Muslim zones, French TV show Le Petit Journal has launched an email campaign urging its viewers to demand an apology from Fox News’ Executive Vice President of News Michael Clemente…(read more)

The show promoted the campaign, along with Clemente’s email address on Twitter Friday:


A Practical Definition of “No-Go”

Certainly there are areas of France where crime and violence is rampant, that travelers and non-residents may avoid, and where police may intercede in only with caution and difficulty — some of which are home to significant Muslim populations — but as others have noted:

[Some] confound the idea in France of a special economic zone with the problem of the cités, that is, regions in the urban periphery of French cities, that are populated by an underclass consisting largely of immigrants from Muslim countries. Comparable to the “projects” in the United States or “housing estates” in Great Britain, the relationship between the inhabitants of the cités and the police is often adversarial. For example, in a form of protest that has become a sort of annual tradition, 940 cars were set on fire this past New Year’s Eve, primarily in the vicinity of the cités. Most French people would consider that police authority is, at best, tenuous in the cités and the police exercise extreme caution performing their duties there….French law applies everywhere in France, including the cités, whatever practical obstacles may exist to its application….read more 

The Fox News Obsession 

It’s an exercise in confirmation bias on the Left

Kevin D. Williamson writes:
The “Fox News Is Stupid and Evil” article is by now its own genre of journalism, albeit one that almost nobody does very well…
Ironically, these “Fox News Viewers Are Stupid!” stories are little more than a large and intense exercise in confirmation bias, indulgences of the very thing that the people who push them attribute to their antagonists. The Left has learned over the years that winning debates is difficult but discrediting people and institutions is relatively easy. You point the finger and yell “racist!” or “stupid!” or “stupid racist!” long enough and loud enough and it will start to stick….
…And if that doesn’t work, Harry Reid is ready to repeal the First Amendment, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is ready to see you locked up for your political views.(read more)
[Also see – Kevin D. Williamson: The Obama Administration’s Curious Cable Jihad]


12 Comments on “Le Petit Journal: French Clowns Demand Apology from Fox News VP Michael Clemente”

  1. Mike says:

    Why do French UN Diplomats care about FOX News?

    • Amélie says:

      Not sure diplomats care but 20 000 french do: we mailed the vice president of Fox News and asked him to verify their wrong information. They didn’t. Now… lets mail the director. Can’t support propaganda and lies of media to a country.

      • The Butcher says:

        Good idea — counter propaganda with propaganda. Hypocrisy multiplied

      • Mike says:

        So there are NO ‘no-go’ zones in France? There are no areas Sharia is practiced with the tacit approval of the French Government? This is all a lie perpetuated by FOX? No other news outlets have reported about areas that France, as has the U.S., given approval by silence to such behavior?

        Or are you looking for an apology for what amounts to be misspelled words?

        ‘Petty’ is a French word…

      • Amélie says:


        There is definitely not a place in Paris or France where Charia is adopted. In France religious people as musilms, jews or catholics are even not allowed to do some priest in the street. U can do it at home or in places for. Republic district is on their “no go zone” in their fake map: know that it is one of the “hipsters fashion places” here and it’s the place where 1.5 millions of parisian and 44 country dirigeants walked to Nation district last sunday. U can find many photos from many sources. Can it be a no go zone? Montmartre district is on their map too: check all tourists photos on Facebook or anywhere. It’s like saying the Empire State Building is under Islamic laws or that police can not enter in chinatown.

        Fox News can not use and manipulate such a dramatic story to spread their stupidities as “Europe is Islamist”. They cannot lie to the American Nation and manipulate information. People of Charlie Hebdo died for liberty of expression and Fox News use it to lie to Americans and terrorized them? Never seen that in a free country Mike. America deserves true medias only. We want to inform americans…. and make Micheal Clemente’s mailbox……. a no go zone! :) 8000 mails yet send at midday.

  2. Paul H. Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.

  3. Amélie says:

    Who’s the clowns?

    Hello! I am Parisian. The amount of ill-informed bullshit that Fox News has broadcast about Pairs could feed Americans for a week. Fake maps, fake series of images, fake information, and a dangerously lassie-faire attitude to news reporting is perhaps only seen else where in countries like North Korea and other nice dictators. We won’t stop mailing Fox News with their awesome imagination, until they apologise to their audience for lying to them.

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