The Devastating Impact of Vaccine Deniers

6 Comments on “The Devastating Impact of Vaccine Deniers”

  1. Mike says:

    The folks over at Last Refuge would offer up the lack of medical screening for the massive influx of illegal children coming over the border. Could that play a role as well? We have also seen an explosion of the entero-virus.
    And… doesn;t stories lioke this give the greatest credence to getting your shots? What more do you need… than a need?
    I’m not sure we disagree on much here. I just think the only people punished are the ones who are making their rightfully stupid decisions.

    • The Butcher says:

      Another way to see it is, as a part of a larger (anti-Western, anti-Science, pro-superstition and darkness) pattern. The return of pre modernism. A rejection of hard-won human progress, on multiple fronts.

      Or as we here at Pundit Planet like to say: “It’s like the Enlightenment, in reverse!”

      • Mike says:

        Agreed. Completely! And now those very fools are being punished. One way or another they will be pulled kicking and screaming into the present. What’s stunning, as you pointed out earlier, is many of these folks are affluent and supposedly educated. I guess their running out of New Age religions to occupy their time.

    • The Butcher says:

      And by “we”, of course I mean…well…me.

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