Israel Hit by Artillery Attacks


Hezbollah Claims Responsibility for Artillery Fire; Israeli Forces Retaliate With Attacks in Lebanon

JERUSALEM— Nicholas Casey And Joshua Mitnick reporting: Israel was hit by two artillery attacks along its northern border Wednesday, its military said, and Israeli forces retaliated with attacks in Lebanon.

“To all those who are trying to challenge us on the northern border I suggest to look at what happened…in the Gaza Strip.”

— Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that Israel would respond sharply to Wednesday’s rocket and mortar attack, the second in two days on the country’s northern borders. Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite political and militant group that controls southern Lebanon, claimed responsibility for the artillery fire.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said Israeli forces “reserved the right” to resume military operations in Lebanon if attacks continued. She said Israeli casualties were being tallied, but gave no further details.

Lebanon’s state news agency reported Israeli artillery attacks on several southern Lebanese villages. It also said a member of the U.N. peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon had been killed.

Israeli police were for the second consecutive day evacuating residents and tourists from border areas. At checkpoints, police were directing vehicles to move south, out of the range of artillery fire.

Israel’s military said the attacks from started Wednesday morning when an antitank rocket struck an Israeli army vehicle. It said the missile was fired from the vicinity of Shebaa Farms, a small strip of land whose ownership is disputed both by Israel and Lebanon.

Shortly afterward, Israeli army units were hit by a barrage of mortars, either from Lebanon or Syria, that landed near Mount Hermon, the military spokeswoman said.

In issuing his warning, Mr. Netanyahu cited Israel’s response to rocket fire from the Gaza Strip last summer, which led to a 50-day war with Hamas….(read more)


Israel’s northern border remained tense as the army continued for a second day to evacuate residents and tourists from the region.

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