Obama ‘Owes the Jews of Europe an Apology’


In response to a remark President Obama made about terrorists “randomly” targeting the Paris kosher market, Fox’s Dana Perino said the president should apologize to every single Jewish person in Europe.

“I actually think that the president owes the Jews of Europe an apology. They deserve better from the President of the United States. Anti-semitism is on the rise, and somebody must stick up for them.”

— Dana Perino

[Also see – Re: ‘There Were People Other than Just Jews Who Were in that Deli’ – Jonah Goldberg, The Corner]

As a former White House press secretary herself, she was “nearly unable to breathe” after seeing Josh Earnest trying to explain that comment from the president, only to then backtrack on Twitter.

Perino also thought the White House should have realized weeks ago, when the interview in question was filmed, that they had a brewing crisis on their hands, but instead they weren’t ready for it….(read more)


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