A 5 Step Guide To A Communism Themed Prom

Elementary Politics

communismStudents at the Cottonwood Classical Prepatory School in Albuquerque have apparently decided to make their theme for prom this year “Communism”.

In light of that I have decided to offer my services as a consultant so that they can get their theme as true to life as possible.

Here’s my top 5 elements that this school’s prom committee needs to really bring Communism to life for their fellow students.

5. Prom Committee:

If there’s some debate over who should be in charge of the prom committee or one of the members is speaking out against your prom planning ideas, don’t be afraid to really get into the Communist theme early by having them kidnapped or executed* before they can ruin your plans for school domination.

4. Security:

Obviously the first step is to have a multitude of KGB roaming the venue and even checking in on the after parties. What do you…

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