Do You Have an Inexplicable Love of Baked Potatoes, with Butter? This is the Chair for You


BFiberandCraft made this incredibly awesome Baked Potato Bean Bag Chair that even comes with a Butter Pat Pillow for the ultimate comfort food experience. Everyone knows that butter makes anything better.

“Do you have an inexplicable love of baked potatoes? This is the chair for you! Even if you don’t like baked potatoes, this chair is absolutely the most comfortable thing you will ever sit in! Made from hand-dyed cotton, you will sink into its cushion-y softness and never want to get out! Comes complete with a satin butter pillow!”

After a heavenly nap on this tater we’d probably wake up in a happy puddle of drool.

Want one of your own? They’re made to order and available here.

[via Incredible things]

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