Thousands of catfish block China highway


Mar 19, 2015, Yael Klein
5 tons of catfish spilled from a truck and onto a highway in China.

Authorities in the Guizhou Province in China found it difficult to believe the reports they received regarding 5 tons of catfish which spilled out the back of a lorry and onto the highway.
Apart from highway workers and police officers, firetrucks were called to the highway in order to spray water over the catfish, so that they stay alive while being reloaded onto the truck.

The video coming from China shows how the catfish is able to stay alive outside water for a long time, thanks to his respiratory system’s adaptability.

The catfish is a sweet water fish, which usually inhabits the bottom of the lake or river. Around his mouth are eight long fangs resembling a moustache, which is where his name derives from.

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