[VIDEO] Mitt Romney on Bambi/Bibi Blowup: ‘Hell Hath No Fury Like Obama Scorned’

At The Corner, Brendan Bordelon writes:

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney had a simple explanation for the ongoing friction between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister obama-incandescentBenjamin Netanyahu: “Hell hath no fury like Obama scorned.”

“Well there’s a lot going on here. I think the first thing that comes to mind is, hell hath no fury like Obama scorned.”

After Obama again ribbed Bibi over his comments on Palestinian statehood during a joint press conference with the Afghani president on Tuesday, Romney spoke with Fox News’s Neil Cavuto about the continuing spat between the American and Israeli leaders.

Romney added that part of the friction stems from a deeper source.

“What this is really about is Iran. And I think that the White House is trying to minimize Bibi Netanyahu and minimize Israel’s concerns at the the same time they’re trying to push through an agreement with Iran.”

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National Review

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