Unintended Consequences: President Obama Gives Walker Campaign Unexpected Boost


Inexperienced President with Abysmal Foreign Policy Record and Negative Polls Reflecting Low Public Trust Tries to Give Foreign Policy Advice to Popular GOP Candidate

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama says Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker would be taking a foolish approach if he follows through with vows to revoke a nuclear deal with Iran if elected president. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Associated Press Obama was asked in an NPR News interview about Walker’s recent comments that he would reject any deal Obama reaches on his first day as president.


As Former White House Press Secretary and The Five Co-Host Dana Perino notes, Bush 43 ignored candidates.

Obama says if the president’s ability to strike agreements starts being questioned, it will be a problem for allies and embolden U.S. enemies. He says he’s confident anyone knowledgeable enough to be elected president won’t take that approach. Obama says perhaps Walker will feel the same way after he has has “taken some time to bone up on foreign policy.” Walker is a likely contender for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.  FOX6Now.com

2 Comments on “Unintended Consequences: President Obama Gives Walker Campaign Unexpected Boost”

  1. bbguy70 says:

    “Leading from behind” ( that means you are a coward).Almost a new cold war with Putin.The wobbbley line In the sand with Syria ,creating a war with Lybia and watching unknown thousands die in Syria. Welcoming the Arab Spring and the Iranian Brotherhood,comparing Isis to the Christian Cruasades,Bengazi and that leading video narritive, alienating the Saudi’s, Egypt and Israel, Bo Berdal who he satd served with honor and dignity and returning 5 real hard players back to the enemy???????I guess “Fast and Furious” was even part of his Foreign Policy allowing 2000 guns to be walked across the Mexican Border and placed the hands of Mexicos bas ass criminals one gun killing a Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Not sure what the Iranian deal looks like but Reps and Dems are lining up against it, The most transparent president — eva– NOT!!! I am roarin here.WTF???? The world really is on fire .
    Our adversary’s are all laughing at this guy — real big Charlie Brown chuckles.

  2. […] Unintended Consequences: President Obama Gives Walker Campaign Unexpected Boost […]

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