BREAKING: Police Standoff in Ferguson


FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – Police are involved in two stand-offs in north St. Louis County.

Ferguson police are involved in a standoff after responding to report of a shooting in Ferguson.  A person has barricaded themselves into a home in the suspects 400 block of Warford.  Investigators are unable to check on the possible shooting victim until they deal with the person blocking them from entry.  Police have blocked off area streets.

An unknown number of Ferguson protesters have made their way to the scene.

The St. Louis County SWAT team is also dealing with a person barricaded in a St. John home near the intersection of Brown Road and Midland.  Read more about the standoff in St. John here.


2 Comments on “BREAKING: Police Standoff in Ferguson”

  1. TinEar says:

    “A person has barricaded themselves..,..” How is this possible? Does the person have multiple personalities? Or should it read, ” People have barricaded themselves”, or “A person is barricaded.” Assuming your editor, if you have one, didn’t learn English on another planet, there are numerous ways this sentence can be written without butchering the language!

    • The Butcher says:

      I think you meant “you’re” (it’s always entertaining when a commenter makes an obvious language error while attempting to correct a language error) You are welcome to take your misdirected complaints to the source of the article, (another detail you overlooked, oops!) Let the editors know you found some questionable use of language in their breaking news story. In the meantime, we’re happy to have a record of your embarrassing misfire. Thanks!

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