Police Arrest, Release, Arrest the Man who Caught Freddie Gray’s Arrest on Video


BALTIMORE— Colin Daileda writes: The man who recorded video of Baltimore police officers arresting Freddie Gray was himself arrested on Thursday, according to reports.

Kevin Moore, whose video of the arrest was widely circulated, said he has faced intimidation from police since April 12 when police apprehended Gray.

You can watch a discussion with Moore about his experience since recording the video, below.

Moore said officers had plastered his photo all over the Internet, saying they wanted to interview him.

Officers arrested Moore on Thursday night during a protest against police brutality in Baltimore. They released him later that evening, reportedly without revealing the charges. He didn’t receive a citation, either.

Gray was arrested on April 12 and died in police custody a week later. That death was called a homicide by State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby at a press conference…(read more)


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