NBC News Reporter Ayman Mohyeldin Wants Islam Protected From Satire


John Nolte writes: Ayman Mohyeldin is advertised by NBC News as an objective reporter. This objective reporter became infamous earlier this year for lying about and smearing a decorated veteran sniper, the late Chris Kyle,  as a “racist” who  went on anti-Muslim “killing sprees” in Iraq.

Mohyeldin, who is a Muslim, used his MSNBC perch Tuesday, not to condemn the murderous savages in his faith who attempted to murder Pam Geller and Geert Wilders at a free speech event, but to demand a culture change in America that would not “allow”  people to engage in what he calls “hate speech” against Islam.

[The full transcript of his fascist bed-wetting is here]

And as one would expect from NBC News, through omission, Mohyeldin lied through his teeth in order to pretend Islam is the only religion in America openly ridiculed.

As though “The Book of Mormon” wasn’t currently running on Broadway; as though San Francisco doesn’t hold a blasphemous “Hunky Jesus & Foxy Mary“” contest every year; as though “Piss Christ” wasn’t funded by the American government; as though Hollywood didn’t spend billions producing one film after another trashing Christianity — without being challenged by anyone on “Morning Joe,” Mohyeldin  crybabied his lie about Muslims being singled out in America.

The full transcript of his fascist bed-wetting is here. Mixed in with his “defense” of free speech is in reality a call to ban speech against Islam.

A Sharia by any other name… (read more)


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3 Comments on “NBC News Reporter Ayman Mohyeldin Wants Islam Protected From Satire”

  1. jimnjoy says:

    Catering to the low-information voters. Lots and lots of them.

  2. Scout Paget says:

    Religion – man’s worst invention. It’s caused more suffering than the A-Bomb. And it will probably be someone with religious inclinations who will use it again. Out of delusions of another world/realm the ‘religious’ folks are torturing this one. In my imagination, I say we round all of the militant from every religion, send them to the moon, and let them fight it out amongst themselves. The winner can ask their ‘god(s)’ for the miracle that will help them make it a thriving planet for the faithful. What better way of telling the remaining folks on Earth that their “god(s)’ are/is the ‘greatest’…? And what better way to spare the rest of the human race from the nihilism that is inherent in ‘religion’…?

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