BREAKING: Lockdown: Shooting Reported at Tri-County Plaza in Rostraver, Pennsylvania


A man shot and killed one person inside an auto body shop in Westmoreland County.

[Also see – Tri County Plaza Shooting: 5 Fast Facts]

Investigators confirmed there were injuries at the scene in the Tri-County plaza in Rostraver Township.


Channel 11’s Cara Sapida reports a man wearing a blue hoodie shot one person behind the counter of an auto body shop, and  shot another person who was taken to the hospital.

Police were going door-to-door looking for witnesses at the plaza. Those businesses are locked down. The shooter remains on the loose.


3 Comments on “BREAKING: Lockdown: Shooting Reported at Tri-County Plaza in Rostraver, Pennsylvania”

  1. Mike says:

    What makes this an ‘active shooter’ versus simply ‘crime’? If a crime involving a gun and a yet to be detained suspect qualifies as an ‘active shooter’ worthy of being plastered across the news nets… then every outlet should have a news van driving all over Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, etc… all day… and all night… covering the endless, newly labeled, ‘active shooter’ incidents. I think we’re being played here. There is a reason the language is being changed to something closer to ‘mass shooting’. could just be ratings… but I doubt it.

    If this guy had stabbed these two people and run off, would we have an ‘active stabber’ situation?

    • The Butcher says:

      News ratings, baby! Traffic! Worldwide Global Panic for Profit!

      • Mike says:

        Agreed… but we allow language to be manipulated until pushing back takes tremendous effort. Semi-automatic weapons being called “Automatic”… Children now “Face” hunger. Why? Because we quite the opposite of a Starvation problem in this country, but the institutions created to fight sarvation still exist and people working for them don’t want to find a new cause… so the terminology changes. What does “Facing Hunger” even mean? Apparently 1 in 5 Children (up to age 26?) suffer from it. Do Fat kids “Face Hunger”? I think I “Face Hunger” from avoiding all of the ‘Active Shooter’ events I’m surrounded by on a daily basis.

        I get it… I just don’t want to get it. I’ll stop complaining now. We all have something else to do.

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