[VIDEO] Are Cuban Cigars Really Better?

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4 Comments on “[VIDEO] Are Cuban Cigars Really Better?”

  1. Brittius says:

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  2. Brittius says:

    …And yes, Cuban cigars are the best, provided they are quality made. Cohiba, is the absolute best. Counterfeit cigars are worthless unless used as a “work/daily” cigar for chewing on. Quality cigars are from various countries, where the tobaqueros, are dedicated to their trade, and skilled.

    • The Butcher says:

      The best Cuban cigars, arguably (as this video reviewer, among others, assert) are being made not inside, but outside Cuba, from seeds smuggled out by the top cigar making families fortunate to flee Castro’s coup and repopulate in nearby regions. Which isn’t surprising.

      The growing regions of Cuba alone aren’t enough to produce the finest cigars (The soil is so different than neighboring plantations? The climate? if there’s analysis that suggests it really is, I’d be interested in reading about it) it’s primarily the talent and expertise that defined Cuban cigar quality. Cuba’s once- thriving tobacco industry, like the quality of most everything else in post-revolution Cuba, suffered under communist rule. Though the mystique, and reputation persisted. Which contributed to the incentive for the counterfeiting, corruption, and profiteering that have plagued cigar buyers ever since.

      I’m personally fond of the Arturo Fuente family-owned operation, and their sublime Dominican cigars, particularly the Opus X “Lost City of Gold” (though they’re too rare and expensive to enjoy more than once a year) and I’ve enjoyed a Cohiba, and Partagas 1845, as mentioned in the review, as well. It seems like cigars are booming again, as are places to enjoy them. Types of hand-made cigars that had all but disappeared since the early 20th Century (perfecto, for example) are flourishing, and more small plantations are emerging. Not unlike the boutique coffee trade, and other consumable vices, it’s good to see craftsmanship and traditions restored.

      • Brittius says:

        Atruro Fuente cigars are very nice. The Partagas has a slightly different taste. I like Legiro tobacco in the cigars. To my taste, nothing comes close to the Cohiba. Cuba was always renoun for the world’s best sugar, coffee, an tobacco, until Fidel stepped in, but I heard that changed around five years ago when the European market sagged. Fuente had the video before that. Believe Casto Brothers will want markets Eu/US/Etc., to pump some money into Cuba with an opening in diplomacy. Even the small roller shops, they too will increase quality of cigar production, while the sun shines and until the evening lights, dim. Good conversing with you, and yes, I am, a fan of the Angel Hill, Havana, resident.

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