[PHOTOS] The Siren of Silicon Valley: Prostitute Pin-Up Perp Alix Tichelman Gallery


UPDATE: Alix Tichelman DEPORTED! Prostitute Who Gave Fatal Heroin Shot to Google Executive Gets Her Skanky Ass Deported Back to Canada



The family of the prostitute sentenced to six years in prison for her role in the death of a Google executive have continued to show their support both in person and on social media during her trial.54_Alex_Tichelman

“Alix Tichelman, 27, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to involuntary manslaughter and administering drugs to married father-of-five Forrest Timothy Hayes who died of a heroin overdose aboard his yacht in November 2013.”

Tichelman’s parents Bart and Leslieann were present in a Santa Cruz County Superior Court offering support for their daughter’s Tuesday sentencing.

“Since leaving her parents’ home, her life appears to have been a complete rejection of her privileged upbringing.”

The couple – and their other daughter Monica who is three years Alix’s junior – haven’t spoken publicly since their daughter’s arrest. But, as well as supporting her in court, they’ve also used Facebook to show that in spite of her crimes and troubled, past they still stand by her.

“Alix has been a heroin addict and turned to high-class prostitution to support herself.”

Sister Monica, 24, posted a photo on Facebook on May 10 of the family to which her mom wrote, ‘missing my girls today’ and ‘love you more’.


[Read more here: How Alix Tichelman injected Google’s Forrest Timothy Hayes with heroin – Daily Mail]

Alix Tichelman grew up in a wealthy, upper-class family, first in Atlanta, Georgia, and then California.


Since leaving her parents’ home, her life appears to have been a complete rejection of her privileged upbringing. Alix has been a heroin addict and turned to high-class prostitution to support herself.

Yet despite her failings, the family has maintained a united front.


In court on Tuesday, Jerry Christensen, one of Tichelman’s public defenders, said that Alix didn’t want to stand trial because she did not want to put her family through it…(read more)

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3 Comments on “[PHOTOS] The Siren of Silicon Valley: Prostitute Pin-Up Perp Alix Tichelman Gallery”

  1. agent provocateur says:

    Hmm, maybe the Google exec had something to do with this, eh?

  2. Edward Kop says:

    The boyfriend, fiance did not I have the other drugs other than heroin stuffed down his throat or up his nose. These other people on one of the shows that we’re good friends with this gentleman state that he would not even take a Tylenol. Obviously they were wrong about not taking pills as there was evidence of other types of drugs in his system other than heroin. He tried heroin probably to please her. It didn’t work out well. I’m sorry about that part. The gentleman on the yacht obviously wanted to try something different just like the girl he had on his yacht. She is guilty of administering it to him. She gave too strong of a dose. That she is guilty of and she faced the appropriate charge and was sent to jail for a. Of 6 years butt out in two. These two gentlemen did this drug and each of them for different reasons. The one on the yacht to have a wild time with a wild girl. The boyfriend to see what it was like and maybe not even his first time because he was in love. I’m glad she is back in Canada and has a good life.

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